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Chapter 56 is weak!

  From the end of the fight, Xu Chen has not made a sound. Li Dong also did not ask questions, did not take him back to the dormitory, but led a few people to a barbecue stall outside the north gate to drink. A few bottles of wine down, Xu Chen whimpered and cried. Li Dong did not say anything, from what happened in front of the girls' dormitory, he guessed the reason. Meng Qiping, however, can not see men like this, eyes glared, angrily: "is not a woman well! A man bleeds without tears, no good!" Xu Chen's pursuit of Huang Shanshan is not a secret, Li Dong can guess Meng Qiping naturally can also guess. Xu Chen ignored Meng Qiping, wiped away the tears, and a large glass of beer poured down his belly. After a few minutes of silence, Xu Chen suddenly asked, "Where are Lao Tie and Lao Yuan?" Meng Qiping saw that he did not want to bring up the matter of Huang Shanshan also do not want to stimulate him, sniffed back: "Lao Yuan is not in the dormitory, the class president went to the teacher." "Oh!" Xu Chen nodded and said nothing more, but the heart is probably not very painful, and a large glass of beer poured down. Li Dong is also not good to say anything, everyone has everyone's way of doing things. Li Tie went to the teacher is also a style of handling, and also looks more stable, but I'm afraid Xu Chen is not so see. Students who have not yet experienced the world want to be hot-blooded rush to two ribs, not Li Tie such a seemingly calm, but in fact does not look righteous enough to ask the teacher to deal with. The table was silent again, Xu Chen began to fill himself again, probably wanting a drunken solution to a thousand sorrows. Li Dong did not stop, he brought Xu Chen over just to let him drink, some things are forgotten after drunk, so and Meng Qiping Zhang Hao together with him to drink. The four of them drank until almost 10 o'clock, and the bottles were piled up under the table. Li Dong three people are okay, have a volume, although the red face, the sanity are still sober. Xu Chen is a drunken mess, Li Dong just finished the bill, Xu Chen lying on the roadside vomited up. Li Dong let Meng Qiping hold Xu Chen, himself and Zhang Hao walked in the back. After lighting a cigarette and taking a drag, Li Dong asked Zhang Hao, "Chen Fang is the senior of Huang Shanshan?" Zhang Hao nodded and added, "Chen did it today because Chen Fang deliberately stimulated him." After that, Zhang Hao told the story of today's events. It turns out that since that day after the party, Huang Shanshan seems to have fallen in love with Chen Fang, Xu Chen is not willing, as long as there is no class has been following Huang Shanshan around. The first time, Chen Fang also knew the existence of Xu Chen. The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. This is the first time that the company has been able to hold its anger, Xu Chen immediately red-eyed, did not even think about rushing up and Chen Fang fought. But Chen Fang is more than 1.8 meters, strong body, which is Xu Chen, a geek can compare. In a short time, he was put down, originally Zhang Hao was ready to help, but two of Chen Fang's classmates also rushed over, Zhang Hao had to go back to shout. After hearing Zhang Hao's words, Li Dong slightly mused, "You mean, he and Xu Chen just fought, that Xiao Ran and Liu Feng arrived?" Hearing Li Dong ask this question, can be admitted to Jiang Da's natural is not a fool, Zhang Hao frowned, pondered: "Well, it seems …… as if it was premeditated, could it be that he was deliberately looking for a fight?" Li Dong hummed, it is not obvious. To be honest, if this is put on Li Dong's head, he can not stand Xu Chen. After all, and their girlfriends go everywhere there is a fidget following, the heart is also tired, can find an opportunity to clean up his meal Li Dong will not let go. But the ass decides the head, who let Xu Chen is his roommate, Chen Fang who is his business, Li Dong is naturally on the side of Xu Chen. "This first let go, recently let Chen Zi be careful, Huang Shanshan side also do not let him follow." Li Dong afraid that Chen Fang they will find opportunities to clean up Xu Chen, he is also busy recently, really do not have time to watch, so I had to advise Zhang Hao a few words. Zhang Hao nodded, and said: "Huang Shanshan probably still does not know this, do you want ……" Li Dong extinguished his cigarette, frowned: "No need, the girls dormitory door happened she will not know? I think she is not that meaning to the morning son, strong twisted melon is not sweet, said too white to meet later is not good to get along." All the same classmates, the university has just begun, really want to face open, the next four years how to do.