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Chapter 57 Nemesis

  It was almost two o'clock when I returned to the dormitory from Longhua Square. The other people in the dormitory have gone, Li Dong took the textbook and hurried to the teaching building, a time also have no time to think about just embarrassing things. …… This afternoon's class is the horse original class, four classes nearly 200 people together in a large class. The original this kind of less important big class, the people who skip class is not generally more, but Li Dong their class attendance rate is oddly high, the general absence rate does not exceed five percent. Not international trade students love to study, but teach Li Dong their Ma Yuan female professor is very serious, every class must be named, as long as the roll call less than the usual score all hang zero. To know the usual score of the university accounted for thirty percent, really want to hang zero to not fail the subject are difficult. Although Li Dong is very unimpressed with the strict female professor, but in order to not fail at the end of the period, Li Dong is also almost every class must come. To the classroom, because it came a little late, Li Dong in the back row turned around and did not find an empty seat. Until he saw Meng Qiping waving at himself in the crowd, Li Dong hurriedly rushed over. The little fatty waited until Li Dong came to the front before shrugging his shoulders and smiling cheaply, "Sorry, we're a little late, we didn't get a seat for you." "Holy shit!" Li Dong raised his middle finger, no position you waved what hand, despise the! No way, the back row of the throne were snatched up, Li Dong had to go to the front row to find. There are still some empty seats in the front row, Li Dong randomly found an empty seat near the aisle and sat down. Put the textbook, Li Dong turned his head and swept a glance at the table next to him. This look Li Dong immediately froze, there is no coincidence that the one sitting next to him is actually Bai Su! Not only is Bai Su, her right is Huang Shanshan, and then to the right are their dormitory, it just so happens that the aisle seat is empty. Because of the last drinking incident and Xu Chen's incident, Li Dong was a little embarrassed. Although the usual encounter will also greet, but that is a momentary thing, if this is sitting on two classes, will not be uncomfortable to die. Want to get up and change the position, but afraid to cause more embarrassment. Li Dong began to complain in his heart, there is an empty seat next to the beauty, but no one sat, too unscientific! There is no choice but to just hold on, but as if Bai Su did not see himself, is seriously staring at the textbook, Li Dong see the situation will also pretend to read a book, the heart of this is much more relaxed. When the teacher entered the classroom, Li Dong's discomfort gradually faded. Students who have taken Ma Yuan's class know that the teacher of this class is a master of hypnosis. People are more sleepy in the afternoon itself, especially Li Dong has been busy these days has not slept well, under the female teacher's lullaby, soon Li Dong fell into a dreamland. …… Bai Su has actually been paying attention to Li Dong. Not because of how handsome Li Dong, but almost the same as Li Dong, some embarrassment just, so that pretend not to see Li Dong. However, she did not think that Li Dong was a randomly picked position, and thought that Li Dong deliberately sat on his side is ready to talk to himself. After all, these days this situation is not a few, the heart is still thinking about whether to talk to Li Dong later. Unexpectedly, when she looked at Li Dong again, she found that this guy actually fell asleep! Not intentionally pretending to attract attention, is really asleep! Because Bai Su saw Li Dong drooling! So disgusting, Bai Su want to cry, this guy does not know that this is very embarrassing it, a little image do not want. Bai Su would like to wake up Li Dong, but see him sleeping so well, Bai Su feel if they wake him up is like a crime, a time also do not know whether to call good or not. The first thing you need to do is to get your eyes on the textbook. Until the class bell rang, Bai Su was relieved, this should always wake up. Turned around and swept a glance, Bai Su are speechless, hundreds of people in the class, after the class so much noise did not let this guy wake up, last night to do thieves? Because the university class is two sections in a row, Bai Su does not want to see another class of spit wars, reached out and pushed Li Dong. Do not want Li Dong sleep too deep, actually did not wake up.