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Chapter 58 Meng Qiping's girlfriend

  Meng Qiping has a girlfriend! This is the biggest news of the year in dormitory 351! Li Dong back to the dormitory when hearing this news is still a bit unbelievable, this dead fat not sounded actually fell in love? In addition to his long-distance love, the little fat guy actually became the first guy off the 351, is really out of Li Dong's expectations. www.pBtxt.com不过当听到孟启平的女朋友是谁, Li Dong almost choked to death by his own saliva. "You guys are baring it up, right?" Li Dong looked at the joyful Meng Qiping some speechless. There are so many women under the sky, why 351 a few guys are and Bai Su their dormitory dry on! Yes, Meng Qiping's girlfriend's name is Cheng Nan, Bai Su a dormitory. Li Tie is chasing Bai Su, Xu Chen is chasing Huang Shanshan, Meng Qiping has caught up with Cheng Nan …… This world is too complicated, Li Dong glanced at Zhang Hao and Yuan Qingfeng, these two guys will not also be ready to insert a hand, if it really happened, Li Dong really want to vomit blood. Looking at the smug Meng Qiping, Li Dong was really curious and asked, "When did you guys get together?" Meng Qiping some embarrassed dry laugh two, stammered: "Not long, anyway …… anyway, she is now my girlfriend." Li Dong lazy to ask again, ten ** is the last dinner after the incident. He remembered that day Meng Qiping seems to have a common language with Cheng Nan, Cheng Nan is also a big-hearted nature, said Meng Qiping dinner with children together is what she said. But Li Dong remembered that at that time Meng Qiping also regarded Bai Su as a goddess, did not expect this only how long, this guy has changed the door. "Brother Dong ……" Meng Qiping was a little embarrassed by Li Dong's look, swept a few other people in the dormitory, dry cough: "Come out for a moment, I have something to say to you." Li Dong saw that he wanted to say something, did not make a sound to tease, followed Meng Qiping out of the dormitory together. …… The two of them kept going downstairs before Meng Qiping gently breathed a sigh of relief. "Brother Dong, in the dormitory suffocated me." Meng Qiping seems to be in a better mood than in the dormitory, and then complained, "You say how hard it is for me to talk about a girlfriend, and share it with them, but the result is that they all have a stern face, and those who don't know think I broke up." Li Dong gave him a white look and said, "You deserve it, you don't know what's going on in our dormitory, who let you fool around." Li Tie chased after Bai Su to no avail, Xu Chen was hit by the game all day as a companion, the fat man in front of them is clearly looking for a draw rhythm, can still expect them to give any good look. "Alas, said also, especially the old Xu side ……" Xu Chen now seems to be with nothing, but who in the dormitory can not see that he has not died, class often stare at Huang Shanshan daze. Meng Qiping scratched his head, some depressed said: "originally I also want to invite everyone to eat together, but the old Xu and class president in, Cheng Nan side will not agree." "Then don't treat, love is your own business, just be happy with yourself." Meng Qiping nodded and said no more, but his heart was more or less depressed. Another walk for a while, Meng Qiping pulled a few words of gossip, and then some embarrassment: "Dong, that what ……" "Say, shout me down always will not just to let off steam, what do you want my help? " The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But the dormitory also on Meng Qiping most to his appetite, if things are not difficult, can help Li Dong will not refuse. "Ahem, that, I want to borrow some money from you." After Meng Qiping finished, he added: "If you are not generous with your money, forget it." "How much do you want?" Li Dong also did not ask Meng Qiping why borrow money, the relationship is originally a time to spend money, plus this guy usually spend a lot, lack of money is normal. "Five thousand …… cough, if more, a couple of thousand is fine, I promise to pay you back before the end of this semester." Meng Qiping was afraid that Li Dong was too much, said five thousand, and dropped several standards in succession. Li Dong looked at him, five thousand is not a small amount in '04, the fat man is not in trouble outside, right? But since Meng Qiping did not say, Li Dong did not look deeper, nodded and said, "The money is in the dormitory, I will go back and get it for you." He usually carries only a few hundred dollars pocket money, but the cash is taken several tens of thousands of dollars to prevent emergency use, has been placed in the suitcase inside the lock. See Li Dong agreed to the pain, Meng Qiping as if to put down a heavy burden, a long breath of relief. If ordinary people he did not dare to ask to borrow so much, but he knew that Li Dong has money, is afraid that Li Dong refused to borrow, now it seems that brother Dong is still righteous enough! As for why know Li Dong has money, nonsense, he is not stupid, Li Dong every day to run outside he does not know. Plus he and Li Dong get along more time, sometimes Li Dong did not pay attention to answer the phone, he heard Li Dong open tens of millions of heart trembling.