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Chapter 59: The odd man out every year

  Chapter 59 odd man out every year (for recommendation ah for recommendation, for collection ah for collection!) November 26th, the opening of the Jiangnan University University Games. As soon as the opening ceremony was over, Li Dong was ready to leave, but he was blocked by Li Tie. Seeing Li Dong eyes suspicious, Li Tie speechless: "Dongzi, you do not tell me that you forgot?" "What forgot?" Li Tie was completely depressed and said in a good mood, "Later in the 100m preliminaries, you are the only runner in our class, what did you say you forgot?" "Bullshit!" Li Dong hurriedly shook his head and said, "I didn't even sign up, how did it become my entry?" "Master Dong, I'll call you Master Dong alright, don't joke about it." Li Tie wanted to cry and said helplessly, "The other day I said that there was no one in the class to sign up for several projects and asked for your help to participate, didn't you agree?" "Did you?" Li Dong looked at him suspiciously, when did he ever promise? "Nonsense, I still need to lie to you!" Li Tie saw that Li Dong had really forgotten, and suddenly rolled his eyes violently. Li Dong scratched his head, he really didn't remember. But he had already made an appointment, and he had business to do later. Thinking of this Li Dong hurriedly said: "Big class leader, do me a favor, you first find a random person to cover, I have something to do later." "Don't! Master Dong, take pity on me, where to find a replacement for this matter to the end, our class if there are still people who can go, I do not let you go?" Li Tie also has a hard time saying, the class is full of crooked people, do you want him to expect guys like Meng Qiping to go on the battlefield to lose face? The class is only Li Dong and Yuan Qingfeng look reliable, but Yuan Qingfeng and he is not right, there is no choice but to find Li Dong. Li Tie grabbed, Li Dong also helpless, had to say: "Well, when does the race start, I really have something to do, after the run still have to go busy." The good thing is that it is only a hundred meters, running fast is only a matter of ten seconds, should not take much time. Li Dong just thought so, saw Li Tie slyly said: "After running the 100 meters, there is an 800-meter preliminaries." "I go!" Li Dong immediately freaked out and said, "How many events did you sign up for me?" "Ahem, not much, in addition to these two, there is a 3000 meter run, no preliminaries tomorrow directly final." After saying that Li Tie himself are a bit vain, but then thought that this is Li Dong himself promised, can not blame themselves, who let the original asked him when he said whatever. Li Dong fiercely glared at him, long known this guy is a professional pit friends! …… the mouth of the runway, one hundred meters sprint preliminaries are about to begin. The athletes are all in place, Li Dong next to the track a boy stared at Li Dong a face of admiration said: "Brother, enough self-confidence, wearing jeans on the field, it seems not put us in the eyes of ah." Li Dong rolled his eyes, wearing jeans means confidence? He just didn't have time to go back and change his clothes, and it's just a game, Li Dong is not bothered to bother, just perfunctory Li Tie. Seeing this guy still chattering in admiration, Li Dong said, "Shut up, the game is about to start, be careful I report you for verbal harassment of competitors." The other side really shut up immediately, but still look at Li Dong's eyes full of admiration. Listen, even talking with a faint taste of pretentiousness, cattle ah! Li Dong is speechless, where to come from the two, and Meng Qiping that fat are a match. But before the issuer gave the order, someone to the right of Li Dong suddenly said: "Teacher, wait, I have something to say!" Acting as a commander is a teacher of the school, thirty-something years old, heard the words put down the gun, frowned and said: "Immediately after the game, what else?"