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Chapter 60 - Acquisitions

  The atmosphere at the beginning of the runway was a bit weird. Originally, although Fang You was a bit unreasonable, there were still some of the students on the sidelines who agreed with him. After all, it is not good for Li Dong to race in jeans, it seems like there is a little bit of disrespect for the game. Until Fang You put the word out to find Li Dong for a single race, those who had previously agreed with him changed their stance, Nima, this is a stupid bird, agreeing with him would not even be stupid. The teacher who gave the order was half-exasperated by Fang You, this is pure chaos ah! No need for Li Dong to speak up, the issuing teacher immediately said angrily: "Fang You, do you think the school sports meeting is a playground? I'm warning you now, you either continue the game or withdraw automatically, or I'll notify the Office of the Registrar and you'll get a warning!" As soon as these words came out, Fang You immediately extinguished his anger. He was not really an idiot, and even an idiot could not get into Jiangnan University. If he was really warned, not only might he not graduate, but he might be expelled if he made another mistake, and the rules of Jiangnan University were very strict. Some unwillingly swept a glance at Li Dong, Fang You sullenly said: "I participate!" "Humph!" The teacher gave a heavy grunt and said with a sullen face, "Take your places, the competition will begin immediately!" Although Fang You was disciplined and honest, Li Dong was still a little upset in his heart. It would not be pleasant for anyone to be picked on for no reason. Li Dong even suspected that this called Fang You is not instructed by someone to deliberately find him trouble, he did not believe that Jiang Da will really out of such idiots. But now it is too late to think about it, the game is about to start. Originally, Li Dong was prepared to make a perfunctory appearance and then leave, but now he does not think so, by Fang You just so much trouble, if he lost, it will be a loss of face. In order not to lose face, Li Dong decided to go all out, no one else, absolutely can not lose to that bastard named Fang You! Next to him, Fang You also thought more or less the same way and looked at Li Dong with a provocative face. …… "Ready!" "Bang!" The first time the starting gun sounded, Li Dong whooshed out! A side of Fang You speed is not slow, followed by Li Dong, the two are almost side by side. One hundred meters is not long, to say that the race can be over in ten seconds. But Li Dong and Fang You are completely dug in, the two of you chase me, you accelerate I also accelerate, you run wildly I also run wildly, just 100 meters, surprisingly the other players left out of the distance of seven or eight meters. Until they crossed the finish line, the two slowed down, gasping for breath and staring at each other without speaking. Li Tie, who had been running along with Li Dong, took a break and hurriedly approached the judge and asked, "Teacher, who's number one?" Just now Li Dong and Fang You sprinted to the finish line at about the same time, so he couldn't really tell who was first from the sidelines. Li Dong also pricked up his ears and listened, honestly, he just ran so fiercely, he also did his best. I did not expect that idiot Fang You was not slower than him, it seems not simple. You know Li Dong physical fitness is very good, especially after the rebirth back, he felt better than before. Although wearing jeans has some effect on him, but Fang You can be side by side with himself is also has two brushes. The referee teacher looked at the stopwatch and had some difficulty for a while. This is only the school sports meeting, the time is 04, but there is no too advanced timer, the judge is pinched watch timing. Just now Li Dong and Fang You arrived at about the same time, even if there is an error will not exceed 0.1 seconds, his hand speed is not so fast. The referee thought about it and said, "It's a tie for first, both of them can enter the final." Originally, the preliminaries were divided into eight groups, and the first in each group could only enter the final, but now both Li Dong and Fang You had entered the final, so obviously an exception had been made. Hearing the judge teacher say so, Li Tie was very happy, he didn't care who won between Li Dong and Fang You, as long as Li Dong could enter the final. Li Dong and Fang You, however, were both very dissatisfied, and Fang You was full of displeasure and said, "Teacher, obviously I'm a little faster than him, how can I be counted as tied for first." "Joke! You know who is faster than who, you've been eating farts behind me, and you have the face to say you're faster than me!" "Who are you talking about?" "How about you, do not bite me ah!" "……" The quarrel between the two attracted the attention of the crowd again, and everyone was happy to see the hilarity. Originally a 100 meters preliminaries actually nothing to see, I did not expect that there is a good show to see, this can let everyone over the addiction. Finally, Li Tie pulled Li Dong away, which made the quarrel stop.