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Chapter 61 - Betting

  The next day, the school playground. At 10:30am, the 100m final was about to start. Today there were many more people onlookers than yesterday. On the one hand, the final is better than the preliminaries, on the other hand, there are people who heard about the preliminaries yesterday and rushed over to see the fun. Li Dong did not wear jeans again today, changed into a sports suit is doing warm-up exercises. The cheerleaders of the first class of the international trade who did not show up yesterday were also all in place and were listening to the lecture of the cheerleader Bai Su. In a short while, Li Dong heard the neat and crisp shout. "Li Dong, cheer up!" "Li Dong, cheer up!" …… At the same time, there resounded the shout of the business administration majors competing with each other, "Fang You, go for it!" The two cheerleaders shouted one after another, pressing the cheerleaders of several other majors to put out their voices. The game has not yet started, both sides are full of gunpowder flavor. Fang You moved his ankle, gave Li Dong a provocative glance and hummed, "I thought you were so capable, why aren't you wearing jeans?" Li Dong snorted and said disdainfully, "Idiot, how dare you say that! I can abuse you even in jeans, today is even more abuse your mother do not know you!" Fang You's face is ugly, although Li Dong's words are hard to hear, but the truth is true. Taking a deep breath, Fang You suppressed the fire in his heart and sneered: "Then let's compete today and see who is the idiot!" "Do I need to compare with you? You are an idiot is recognized by everyone, I am not going to steal this title from you." Li Dong had a teasing smile on his face. After being provoked by Li Dong's words, Fang You's face was red and his neck was thick with anger, and he said, "What's the use of having a smart mouth! If you have the guts, let's bet, whoever loses later will go around the field and shout that he is an idiot!" "Idiots are idiots, even the words they say are so stupid." Li Dong brushed off his mouth and said with disdain, "Besides, why would I want to bet with an idiot." "Li Dong, if you don't have the guts, just say it! What excuses are you making, not daring is not daring!" Li Dong glanced at him, but in his heart, he muttered, this two idiots are so confident that they can win him, even the excitement method is used. You know that yesterday he almost won him, and that was not his full strength, after all, jeans still have a small impact. But Li Dong lazy to think more, and do not want to bet with him, too meaningless. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Seeing that Li Dong did not say anything, Fang You thought he was afraid, and then opened his mouth and said: "Li Dong, are you afraid? If you're afraid, admit it yourself, so as not to be embarrassed later." Damn you! How dare you? Li Dong cursed, he did not offend this bastard ah, why keep staring at him! Just think, next to the onlookers attracted to the students suddenly someone coaxed: "Li Dong, with him than, afraid of him a bird!" "That's right, why not, who loses who runs around the playground naked, shouting idiots more meaningless!" …… Li Dong are speechless, you guys are so bull, why do not they go on the field. Also naked running, you think it is the United States, and not afraid of the school directly expelled you! See Li Dong not answer, the crowd came out a boo. Then someone shouted: "Brother Dong, don't be a coward! When did we 351 ever wimp out!" When Li Dong heard the familiar voice and swept his head, he saw that bastard Meng Qiping was waving his fist with passion and told him to go. "Pig teammate!" Li Dong muttered, 351 is not a normal person, but also followed the coaxing. But this side has not finished cursing, there is another group of female voices coming from the other side. "Li Dong, compare with him! We can't lose the face of our international trade class!" "Li Dong, go for it, we all support you!" "……"