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Chapter 62 - The Scattered Children

  Chen Fang walked over with a gloomy face, swept Li Dong a glance, Fang You said: "I'll help you pay for this money, and him than!" "Brother Chen, this" "What are you afraid of! You don't have to pay if you lose!" Seeing Fang You's face look hesitant, Chen Fang hummed: "You used to be a special student, are you still afraid of him?" He took out a thousand dollars and encouraged, "If you win, I'll pay if you lose, that's all." Fang You thought about how this can not lose, so he said to Li Dong Dong: "I bet with you!" Li Dong did not look at him, but only stared at Chen Fang, his face was a little ugly. Not because Chen Fang this stupid stirring, but by Chen Fang associated with Huang Shanshan. He did not even remember to participate in the competition, Chen Fang actually knew to arrange people to find him trouble, must have gotten the news. The news leaked from where still need to consider, ten ** is Huang Shanshan said, sports registration list class cadres can be known. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Li Dong's face showed a touch of mockery, this later will be called to win it or call themselves to lose, quite interesting. Huang Shanshan bit her lips, Li Dong's sarcastic eyes she naturally saw. But she has nothing to explain, the news of Li Dong's participation in the competition was indeed leaked by her, but there was a reason for it, she herself did not expect Chen Fang would let people find Li Dong trouble. Bai Su gently tugged her shirt and whispered, "I know it's not you, I will explain to Li Dong." "No need!" Huang Shanshan shook her head, there was no point in talking about this now. "Chen Fang, forget about your own idiocy, I didn't expect to find another idiot to fight against me, it's boring enough." Li Dong kindly laughed, since he knew that Fang You was instructed by Chen Fang, Li Dong's words were naturally no longer polite. Chen Fang's face flashed with anger and said with resentment, "Li, be kind to your mouth, is that all you know how to do?" "Okay!" Li Dong smiled and said indifferently: "Since you want to play, then I will play with you." "But if you want to play, let's play a big game, how about you and I have the guts to play?" Chen Fang grunted and said disdainfully, "Don't provoke me, you can't afford to play with me!" Li Dong said no more, but laughed lightly: "Okay, since you do not want to forget it, I will play with you when I have the chance." After saying this, he stopped paying attention to Chen Fang and turned to the teacher not far away and said, "Teacher, is the game still not starting?" The teacher, who was watching with great interest, blushed and coughed and said, "It will start soon, the contestants take their places!" "Ready!" "Bang!" The starting gun just sounded, and Li Dong took the lead. Today he is well prepared, plus his heart is holding a breath, faster than yesterday. Fang You because of the money incentive, running not slow, not long after the start of Li Dong exceeded a body position. The other contestants have almost become the accompaniment, plus earlier watched a big show, now also happy to see the two of them running wild, are watching the show behind. The two did not have a chance to make a sound at this time, both ran forward with all their might! Halfway through the race, Li Dong overtook Fang You! Forty meters from the finish, Fang You caught up with Li Dong again. Twenty meters, Li Dong was one step ahead! Ten meters, nine meters, eight meters, the two crossed the finish line at the same time like a gust of wind. Li Dong cursed under his breath, this bastard is on hormones today, a thousand dollars has so much magic power? Not bothering to think about it, Li Dong slowed down his pace, jogged to the referee and asked, "Who won?" The referee was still the same as yesterday, because yesterday Fang You and Li Dong crossed the line at about the same time, and today he was fully prepared.