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Chapter 63: Unconventional

  (Today's three, for "different lives of the same person 1" brothers plus one more, the second chapter or noon, the third chapter to try to write before 6 p.m., thank you brothers support! On December 7, Li Dong took leave to rush back to Dongping. Because the 8th is the opening date of the four branches in Qingyang, Li Dong temporarily called the store managers of each branch to Dongping for a meeting that day. At 7:00 p.m., when Li Dong came to the small conference room of Dongping Store, all the store managers of each store had already arrived. When Li Dong entered the door, all of them hurriedly rose to greet each other. "Hello, Mr. Li!" "Mr. Li, Mr. Sun!" …… Sun Tao followed behind Li Dong and introduced to Li Dong one by one, "This is Xie Hong, the store manager of Qingyang branch." "This is Guo Mingzhi, the store manager of the Hechuan branch." "Wu Liangnong, the store manager of Yanghe branch." …… These three store managers were recruited by Sun Tao, Li Dong had already gone to Pingchuan at that time, only communicated over the phone, the person had not seen. Hearing the introduction of Sun Tao, Li Dong nodded to a few people and smiled. "And this one Li should have seen, the store manager of Nanping branch, Qi Yunna." Li Dong nodded towards Qi Yunna and joked, "Store manager Qi is personally recruited by me, and is also the only woman among several store managers in the far side, so I can't forget even if I want to." Qi Yunna is only in her early thirties this year, and when she heard Li Dong's first words about herself tonight, she excitedly bowed to express her gratitude. Li Dong responded with a smile, and greeted Yang Yun Fang Hao, the patriarch of Dongping Store. When he finished greeting all the people, Li Dong smiled and said, "All sit down, no need to be formal." When everyone was seated, Li Dong said, "The people sitting here today are all the mainstays of Yuanfang. Although there are several store managers who are still meeting for the first time, but you can be valued by Mr. Sun, that means you have the ability to be competent for this position." Sun Tao hurriedly rose and said, "Thank you, Mr. Li, for your trust in me!" Li Dong smiled and pressed his hand and said, "Sit down and say, Mr. Sun has worked hard to make Yuanfang what it is today, without Mr. Sun's efforts, Yuanfang would not have achieved what it has today." Being praised by Li Dong in public, Sun Tao hastened to modestly say a few words before sitting down and not making any more noise. Next, Li Dong briefly exchanged a few pleasantries with the people, and then started the main topic. The main purpose of this meeting is for the opening tomorrow, Li Dong asked several store managers to report on how the preparations for the opening were done, and whether the problems encountered were solved. When it was Qi Yunna's turn, Qi Yunna said, "Mr. Li, most of the employees in Nanping store are novices, can you second a few experienced employees from Dongping to help guide them?" This is the right thing to do, Qi Yunna finished Li Dong then said: "This is also what I will say next, tomorrow Sun to Yanghe town, Yang manager with two people to help Nanping, Fang supervisor to the Hechuan side ……" These are the patriarchs who have experienced the opening of Dongping, with They keep an eye on Li Dong to rest assured. The people whose names were mentioned by Li Dong all nodded their heads hurriedly. Especially Fang Hao, his face even showed joy. The fact that he could be sent to sit on one side meant that Li still trusted him, and the cheating of the prize was finally over. Originally, he, the boss of the marketing department, should be rightfully in charge of the affairs of the Dongping store after Sun Tao left, but I did not expect that Sun Tao actually gave the supermarket supervisor power to the financial manager Yang Yun when he left, which made Fang Hao panic. He knows that Sun Tao is not very fond of himself, is because the opening of the time he took the initiative to please Li's mother bad rules, afterwards Fang Hao intestines are regretted. I didn't expect that today, Mr. Li even named himself, and Sun Tao Yang Yun side by side, which made Fang Hao overjoyed, it seems that the Dongping branch of the store manager himself or have competitive. Li Dong did not care what Fang Hao thought, continued to arrange: "I will go to Qingyang tomorrow, the other branches will be left to you, make sure to do everything!" "Yes!" "Guarantee that there will be no accidents!" …… wait for the people to finish their positions, Li Dong looked at the time and said, "It's not early, you have to be busy tomorrow, let's disperse first." Today he called the crowd's main purpose or to recognize people, save when the opening of their own store manager do not even know. And also to observe the ability of the people, although a few simple words can not see too many things, but Li Dong heart probably also have a number to do. Although he trusts Sun Tao, but he can't let him do all the work, sometimes it's bad to let the power go hard. When others have gotten up and ready to leave, Li Dong suddenly said: "Manager Yang stay a while." Yang Yun froze for a moment, but still sat down without asking more questions. When Fang Hao was leaving, he glanced at Yang Yun and wondered in his heart if Li was going to appoint Dongping's manager, what should he do? But now it is not good to ask, Fang Hao reluctantly followed the crowd out of the conference room. …… and other people have left, only Yang Yun and Li Dong remained in the conference room. Alone in the face of Yang Yun, Li Dong heart feeling inexplicable.