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Chapter 64 - Li Dong's purpose

  Recommended reading: regardless of whether it is reasonable or not, Li Dong finished and then happily flashed away. Yang Yun was still confused until she got home, she really couldn't understand Li Dong today. If Li Dong was really so rash, Yuanfang would not have developed so quickly. What is Li Dong's purpose? Yang Yun thought of the head are big also did not think Li Dong can have what purpose, because there is absolutely no need. …… Today Qin Hai came back early, Yang Yun arrived home when Qin Hai rice are ready. Shouted Yang Yun a few times, see his wife still soul, Qin Hai can not help but say: "home don't think about work, you a finance and not the boss, worry so much about why." "Old Qin, today our boss came back to the meeting and said something." Yang Yun wanted to talk to Qin Hai about Li Dong, and did not know how to speak. Qin Hai frowned and hummed: "The one named Sun? You stay away from him, be careful of what crooked ideas he has." Yang Yun suddenly forgot to say the business, rolled his eyes and said: "What nonsense! Mr. Sun is more than ten years younger than me, you also eat this jealousy, the older you are, the more immodest!" Qin Hai coughed and laughed dryly: "Who asked him to be attentive, for good reason let you the financial management of the supermarket, who knows what he is thinking." Yang Yun knew he was just a few words on his mouth, too lazy to argue with him, asked, "Have you fixed your job?" The cotton spinning mill to close down is not a rumor, Qin Hai is the factory's middle-level leadership, Yang Yun has long known the news. Hearing his wife ask his own work, Qin Hai some trouble, "still discussing, but the general direction is set, we do not have the skills to go to the Dongping Light Industry Federation pension." "Light industry association? What is this, you are only in your early forties, to go to the Light Industry Association that is to wait for death, you can not agree!" As soon as she heard where Qin Hai was going, Yang Yun became anxious. This light industry federation in Dongping is a chicken rib, said to be a government department, in fact, and no difference between civil organizations, maybe one day the government will be banned. Qin Hai himself is also naturally dissatisfied, but the arm can not argue with the thigh, some helplessly said: "That can do, or buy out the service, the factory now no money, can not subsidize much." When the Dongping cotton spinning mill is red through half the sky, so many state-owned factories in the 80s and 90s bankruptcy Dongping cotton spinning mill have survived. I did not expect to end up not being able to hold on, Qin Hai is also depressed, more than 40 people re-employment which is so simple. See Qin Hai depressed, Yang Yun can not help but think of what Li Dong said today. Previously, Yang Yun heart is still a little reluctant, after all, if you go to the logistics company, they have to go to Pingchuan development, what is good to leave the countryside. But now Qin Hai was divided to the Light Industry Association, Yang Yun was immediately swayed. After thinking for a while, Yang Yun tentatively said, "Old Qin, why don't you just buy out your working years and go out on your own?" Qin Hai sighed and shook his head: "I'd like to, but I don't know anything, what can I do?" "You are at least a college student in the 1980s, not too old, why can't you find a good job!" Yang Yun was very dissatisfied with Qin Hai's negativity. After that, without waiting for Qin Hai to say anything, Yang Yun said, "How about I help you find a job?" "You?" Qin Hai shook his head and said, "What good job can you find, do you want me to go to your supermarket as a security guard?" "Not security, as a boss!" "Also boss, you yourself is a small finance ……" Qin Hai despicable words have not finished, Yang Yun interrupted: "It's true, our President Li wants you to come to Yuanfang management logistics company." Said Yang Yun will be today's events said once again, and will be a brief introduction to the situation of Qinghua Logistics. In fact, she herself is not very understanding, but supermarkets and logistics companies deal with more, Yang Yun has been responsible for these things this time, more or less understand these things. When Yang Yun finished, Qin Hai was also a little confused. The actual find yourself as a boss? The far side of the supermarket Qin Hai still understand, his wife not less in his side, also know the supermarket boss is a capable person, young to create a large family business.