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Chapter 65 - Competition

  Recommended Reading: (Three shifts finished, thank you for your support, continue to ask for votes and collections! December 8. At 6:30 a.m. Li Dong moved to the station to take the car. Sitting in the car, Li Dong can't help but think: Shouldn't he buy a car? Whether from Pingchuan back to Dongping, or usually inspect the branch, no a car is really quite inconvenient. Just like now, his own tang boss, go to Qingyang branch even have to catch a bus, seen by people will not laugh dead. …… to the station to pick up Li Dong is Xie Hong. The company has a car of its own, Volkswagen, although not expensive, but at least also a car family. See Li Dong from the bus down, Xie Hong wanted to say something and then stop. Li Dong saw the corners of his mouth slightly curled up, obviously holding a smile, know what he was thinking, no good: "I am frugal understand! The development of the far side now need money, I do not bring a good head of this family you do not know how to waste it!" Xie Hong hurriedly nodded and pandered a few words against his will. Because and Li Dong is not familiar, people are still their own top boss, Xie Hong also dare not joking around. Li Dong is depressed, should have known that Sun Tao that Audi to drive, at least to support their own face, now really embarrassing. …… Qingyang bus station is not too far from the Far Side Qingyang store, driving about ten minutes to get there. The two of them soon arrived at the Qingyang branch. The new store in Qingyang is the largest of the four branches, with a total area even larger than Dongping, with an area of nearly 3,000 square feet on the upper and lower two floors. When Li Dong got off the bus, he looked at the time, 7:50, the opening time is set at 8:08, there are still ten minutes to open. Xie Hong led Li Dong into the store, because today's opening, the guy also had a few good-looking employees wearing red cheongsam at the door as a welcome guest. Seeing the store manager accompanying Li Dong into the store, several welcome guests look a little curious. Xie Hong saw the situation cursed, and hurriedly drank: "Mr. Li came to preside over the opening of the branch today, still do not say hello!" Several welcome guests immediately realized that the big boss had arrived, and the store manager had said so during the meeting in the morning. But because Li Dong was too young, they did not react earlier. At this time, knowing Li Dong's identity, several people hurriedly shouted: "Good day, Mr. Li!" Li Dong nodded, several branches of the staff recruitment he almost did not intervene, even the store manager is the first time to see, let alone these employees. A few employees at the entrance of the store is placing flower baskets, Li Dong specially swept a circle, and indeed saw Wang Yunqing's name. Wang Yunqing sent flower basket Li Dong not surprised, just in the car Wang Yunqing also called him. Li Dong was a little surprised that the Long Hua Group also sent a flower basket, which is strange. He and Longhua Group is just a tenant-landlord relationship, Wang Yunqing sent him a flower basket in the name of a private person does not matter, Longhua Group sent a flower basket in the name of the company is enough to give face. After all, Yuanfang is still a toddler compared to Longhua, and will not be looked at by Longhua, a large group. Xie Hong saw Li Dong staring at the super-large flower basket of the Longhua Group, and hurriedly said, "This is what the Longhua processing office sent over in the morning, and the flower basket was put down and people left." Li Dong nodded his head did not say anything more, but in his heart is to take note of this. Entering the store, Xie Hong asked, "Mr. Li, do you want to call a meeting with the staff?" Li Dong looked at the watch, it was almost eight o'clock, so he said, "Don't bother, I'll turn around by myself." As soon as the words left his mouth, a girl of 25 or 26 years old came running in front of him, wearing the staff uniform of Yuanfang. Seeing Li Dong also did not stop, but said to Xie Hong urgently: "Store manager, trouble!" Xie Hong saw the staff under him lose their attitude at this time, feel in front of the boss lost face, immediately chided: "What's the hurry! Slowly talk about things, do not see Mr. Li in so!" Said and explained to Li Dong: "This is the store's assistant Chen Jia, the new arrival, do not know the rules." Li Dong lost his smile, the whole store is new, the staff is of course new. But he did not laugh at Xie Hong, but asked, "Chen assistant, tell me, what's the trouble?"