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Chapter 66 The car is gone!

  "Grand opening, lottery to send luxury cars!" "95% off for the whole place, 10% off for members, Far Far Away, your only choice!" "……" As the loudspeaker kept replaying, the front of the Qingyang branch gradually filled up with people. A brand new unlicensed Great Wall Cypher was parked on the left side of the store, with a red silk fluttering in the wind. Some onlookers couldn't help but ask: "Can you really send a car, don't be a fake, right?" As soon as the words fell, an employee of Yuanfang explained: "The car is parked here, how can I cheat you? We are the largest supermarket chain in Qingyang, with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, how can we ruin our reputation because of a car?" "That's right, Yuanfang Supermarket has four stores opening in Qingyang today, and a store of tens of thousands of square meters in Pingchuan is being renovated and will open soon, so we still care about a car!" "In addition to cars we have computers, cell phones, all kinds of household appliances to give away, everything!" "……" employees said is the ceiling, anyway, bragging and not taxed, as for the far side is not the assets of hundreds of millions who idle egg will go to check. As for the car computer is indeed there, but that low to scary winning rate no one mentioned. Finally some onlookers could not resist the temptation to walk into the store, others saw the situation and followed. The people's nature is to get together, as the number of people entering the store gradually increased, the outside people who have not come in can not help, not a short time store store outside are crowded with people. …… has been staring at the flow of people, Li Dong slightly relieved, is finally a success. Not afraid of the crowd, afraid that no one asked. These people do not come in okay, as long as the store, Li Dong is not afraid that no one to buy things, the supermarket is not expensive, greedy for cheap is the commonality of many people. Xie Hong also wiped the sweat on his forehead, slightly nervous: "Mr. Li, this car really send ah?" Li Dong glared at him and said, "Don't get any bad ideas! A car can be worth how much money, business is good to earn back more than a day, far fame out more important than anything!" Said and added: "The guys in charge of the lottery keep a close eye on it, who dares to play tricks, if I find out, don't blame me for not being polite!" Xie Hong hurriedly nodded his head, this inside the small way he naturally understand. …… 10:30, Li Dong received a call from Sun Tao. Just pick up the phone Sun Tao laughed: "General Li, you are not fair, just in Qingyang to send cars, Wu shopkeeper they can be dissatisfied." "No way, this side of Qingyang pressure, do not play some tricks can not support the field, all send I can not afford to send." Li Dong let out a laugh and asked, "The news has reached your side?" "You say it, old Xie just called and old Wu they show it, said business is good to burst, angry Wu shopkeeper are cursing mother." Sun Tao laughed. Li Dong cried and laughed, shook his head and said, "Forget it, let's not talk about them, how is Yanghe's business?" "Not bad, we are exclusive trading, not afraid of no customers." Sun Tao is obviously in a good mood, cheerfully said: "Yanghe side opened more than two hours, the turnover has exceeded 150,000, to close today 800,000 should not be a big problem." Hearing Sun Tao say so, Li Dong mood also up. Eight hundred thousand, although not as much as when Dongping opened a million turnover, but the Yanghe branch area is not as large as Dongping, such results are considered unexpected. And Yanghe in several new stores in the location is not the best, the store is not the largest, even Yanghe have eight hundred thousand, several other should not be less than this number. After chatting with Sun Tao for a while, Li Dong was about to hang up the phone when Sun Tao suddenly said, "Mr. Li, how about a competition today?" "Competition? What competition?" Li Dong asked. "Of course it's a competition of performance, today four branches opened, don't look at several store managers mouth don't say, are holding their breath want to compete first." Sun Tao took a break and said, "Since they want to compete, then we will satisfy them and see who can dominate today."