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Chapter 67 Publicity

  (Request for recommendation and collection!) "Do you supermarkets not count on your word? I won the prize, why can't I take the car away?" "That is, are you cheating people, people won why not give her?" "You listen to me ……" The lottery area was in an uproar, and Li Dong had just arrived when he heard the customers' complaints and questions. Pushing the crowd away, Li Dong said loudly, "Everyone be quiet first, I am the general manager of the supermarket, you listen to me for a moment!" The crowd stirred for a while, and only after a while did it quiet down. Only then did Li Dong have time to look at the customer who won the lottery. At first glance, Li Dong knew that people were really lucky and not colluding inside and outside. Why so conclusive, because the clothes they wear and the bag they carry in their hands can buy the car in front of the store. Li Dong heart depressed, big sister, you are so rich still draw a fart prize! And still a stay a morning, really boring! The spit is spit, things still have to be dealt with. Li Dong first said to the employee in charge of the lottery: "Is the lottery ticket here, let me see." The employee hurriedly said, "The lottery ticket is still in this lady's hand." Li Dong looked at the middle-aged woman again, who reluctantly handed the lottery ticket to Li Dong. She was not afraid that Li Dong was up to no good, so many people were watching, unless the other party was not going to continue opening almost. Li Dong didn't say anything, and turned the lottery ticket over and over to see that it was indeed real. In order to prevent people from cheating, he secretly made a code word, and there is his own signature on it. After confirming the authenticity of the lottery ticket, Li Dong said, "Don't worry, the prize will be honored, and Far Far Away will not ruin its reputation because of a car!" "Then why can't I drive away?" The woman who won the prize said unhappily. Li Dong did not answer, but asked, "Big sister, what is your surname?" "My surname is Huang." Huang Yunying hummed. Li Dong nodded affirmatively and said, "Hello Ms. Huang, since the car has been drawn, it definitely belongs to you." Huang Yunying's face looked much better, since the general manager had said so, he should not renege on the bill. Just listen to Li Dong added: "But the car can't be driven away now." "Why?" "That is, why can not drive away!" …… Li Dong pressed his hand and said loudly: "All of you quiet, not can not drive away, but the supermarket needs this lady with our publicity. The far-side supermarket spend so much to do activities, naturally, I hope that the activities can let more people know, and so the publicity is over Ms. Huang can pick up the car at any time." This is a reasonable statement, people take the car as a prize is not to promote, win the prize with the publicity should be. If they won the car, not to mention cooperate with the propaganda, is to help Yuanfang daily shout slogans at the door they are happy. Huang Yunying thought about it and said, "You can cooperate, but how long will it take?" "Soon!" Li Dong turned around and whispered a few words in Chen Jia's ear, and when Chen Jia hurriedly left, Li Dong said to Huang Yunying again, "Ms. Huang, let's go sit in the office, the car before the evening you can definitely drive the car back." Hearing the exact time, Huang Yunying then breathed a sigh of relief. Evening is evening, anyway, there are not a few hours. A few hours to earn a car, and so on does not matter. …… Waiting for Huang Yunying and Li Dong to leave, the lottery area also exploded. "Really can win the lottery? I thought it was fake?" "Who says no, that is a car, hundreds of thousands of dollars!" "Bullshit, that car is a Great Wall Sailor, it's only ** million ……" "** million is not money ah!" The crowd was in an uproar for a while, and then someone said, "Since the car is gone, what's the use of our lottery."