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Chapter 68 - Back to School

  At 11 o'clock that night, the turnover board of each branch ended. Qingyang branch was 1.46 million, topping the list. Nanping branch is 880,000, Hechuan branch is 840,000, and Yanghe branch is 810,000. Although the total sales of the three county branches were not as good as Qingyang, the profits alone were better than the Qingyang branch. Li Dong simply calculated that, excluding overhead and taxes, the four branches brought him a profit of more than 400,000 on the first day of business alone. Together with the Dongping branch, the profit of the five stores in Qingyang was about 500,000 yuan a day. 500,000 yuan a day! Li Dong's heart was overwhelmed. 500,000 a day, that's more than 100 million a year. Of course, the account is naturally not so calculated, sales and off-season peak season, plus today's opening special circumstances, later to have such performance may not be. But even if compressed and compressed again, the five stores bring Li Dong more than 50 million a year. Although it is not comparable to those large supermarkets at home and abroad that have hundreds of stores and annual revenue of more than ten billion, it is already a giant in the retail industry in this area of Qingyang. Li Dong took a deep breath, he was excited but did not forget about it. Yuanfang's road was still long, and it was still just getting started. When Yuanfang dominated Jiangbei one day, it would be qualified to compete with the giants at home and abroad. His goal is to have a Yuanfang supermarket in every county-level city in Jiangbei before he graduates from college. Li Dong believes that this day will not be too far away! ……9 morning, Li Dong rushed back to Dongping. This time, he did not take the bus, Xie Hong personally sent him back. Li Dong has begun to think about buying a car for himself, always trouble others is not good, not to mention subordinates, too down. When he arrived at the Dongping branch, Yang Yun was waiting for him. When she saw Li Dong, she said straight away, "Mr. Li, I want to talk to you." Li Dong said, "I want to talk to you." Li Dong greeted Yang Yun and went into the office. The two just sat down, Yang Yun said: "The last incident I and my lover, he he wants to see you, and you face to face." Li Dong heard the words are not surprised, Qin Hai if not even see their own agreed, it would be a ghost. However, Li Dong does not want to expose himself for the time being, so naturally he cannot meet with Qin Hai, so he said, "There are still things to deal with in Pingchuan, and I have to leave in the afternoon. How about this, I'll let Brother Sun go to meet with Uncle Qin instead of me, and General Manager Sun can fully represent Far Far Away Company." Sun Tao is the general manager of the company, plus Li Dong trusts him, like this kind of logistics company management appointment Sun Tao himself can make the decision. Yang Yun listened and did not think much about it, plus she and Sun Tao to get along with a longer time, the relationship is also close to one, by Sun Tao to appear rather more convenient. "That's fine, I'll take the time and Sun, let him take a time to meet with old Qin." Finished Qin Hai's matter, Yang Yun and some hesitation: "Li, if our old Qin really went to Pingchuan, then my side?" "You can go to the Qinghua Logistics side, or you can stay in Dongping. Of course, my advice is that Auntie Yang better go to Qinghua Logistics, after all, there is a hundred things to be done, you can help Uncle Qin can also be easy one. And there is no need to separate the two places, just right." Li Dong finished to see Yang Yun still some hesitation, again added: "If Auntie Yang also past, the company can help you solve the house matter at its discretion." "Really?" Yang Yun is now completely moved, if the house matter can be solved, she is definitely willing to go to Pingchuan. After all, Pingchuan is the capital of the province, which can be compared to the nooks and crannies of Dongping. When she was young, she did not want to stay in Pingchuan, but at that time the school assigned back home, she could not help it. Now that her daughter has gone to university, she may stay in the capital to develop in the future, it doesn't matter where she and Qin Hai both go, if she can settle in Pingchuan, it is also considered to have fulfilled the dream of her youth.