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Chapter 69 Renting a Room

  Friday night, 351 dormitory several people talking about the autumn trip. Yuan Qingfeng said Nanpu Mountain is too far away, a round trip by car takes four or five hours, it is better to simply stay there for one night. Li Tie said the class fee is not enough, there is no money for accommodation, unless everyone pays again. A couple of hundred Yuan Qingfeng does not matter, but Zhang Hao is quickly opposed, his family is average, and then pay a couple of hundred, this month's living expenses are gone. Yuan Qingfeng muttered a few words, do not know what to say, anyway, is very little interest. Li Dong and he was far away did not hear what he said, but saw Zhang Hao grunted, into the nest and did not say anything. Xu Chen is simply the same as Li Dong said not to go, but Li Tie dissatisfied: "How did you not say before, now the car and tickets are booked, this is not a waste of it." "Waste is also a waste of my own money, and not without paying the class fee." Xu Chen topped the sentence. Li Tie's face turned white with anger and said, "You think the class fee is enough? Just the ticket money alone will take away the class fee! The money for the chartered bus is subsidized by the college according to the number of people, now the car is booked, you do not go to the time less personal, do I have to post the money myself?" "How do I know if you post money or not, can't I go?" Xu Chen is also very dissatisfied, and said: "Besides, Dong did not also go?" "Dongzi that was previously agreed, I did not help him book tickets, you are now saying what do you mean!" "Then Dong's ticket money is not saved, where did this money go? Did you embezzle?" "……" Li Dong felt a little big head. These guys bicker around all day long over petty matters of chicken, is it interesting? Li Dong sighed, it seems to be the time to move out by himself. Originally he was not prepared to move, Qin Yuhan is not around, he moved out by himself is too lonely. But now the conflicts in the dormitory are almost open, it is meaningless to stay any longer, not only can not feel the warmth, but is annoying. Not bothering with the quarrels of several people, Li Dong put on his headphones and listened to music. …… Saturday, when Li Dong got up, he was the only one left in the dormitory. Xu Chen said last night not to go, but still got up in the morning and went with everyone, Li Dong can not understand last night's quarrel in the end for what. After getting up and simply washing up, Li Dong got dressed and left the dormitory. He is ready to find out if there is a suitable house today and move out before it's too late, he is afraid he will have a nervous breakdown if he stays in the dormitory. Li Dong didn't go too far, he looked at the school's bulletin board for rent. The houses for rent here are all close to the school, some are even inside the school, so you don't have to go back and forth. Li Dong is not prepared to rent a house too far from the school, in this area is good, not only convenient for classes, to go to Longhua Square is also close. After looking around, Li Dong found a two-room house, the place is not far, just inside the school, the teachers' dormitory building that area. Li Dong wrote down the phone and called. "Hello, Mr. Chen, is that house still for rent?" "……" "Oh, got it, thanks." Li Dong hung up the phone and shook his head, it seems that now the college students have a lot of money ah, so quickly the house is rented out. Then Li Dong continued to look up, there are a few he felt good, the results of the call is either already rented out, or only rented to girls. Li Dong cursed, what is wrong with men, men should be discriminated against? It is said that everyone is equal, and they are not not not paying, but also pick and choose! A few phone calls down Li Dong also did not bother to look, directly to a real estate agency outside the north gate. As soon as you enter the door, a woman in her twenties greeted you very warmly. "Hello sir, are you looking to rent a room?"