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Chapter 70: Meeting Wang Jia again

  Recommended reading: Rent 2,800! This price is not low even after ten years, let alone today is still 04 years. When Li Dong heard this price, he knew that the other party regarded himself as a worldless kaiju, so he turned around and left without saying a word. Wu Qian saw Li Dong to leave, and quickly said: "Mr. Li, the price can be negotiated, do not rush to go ah." Li Dong stopped in his tracks and frowned: "The price you said is not sincere at all, like this two-bedroom house near the university city about a thousand is enough, two thousand eight I might as well buy it myself." Wanyuan's opening price is only three thousand a flat, if not for the new house renovation and all that takes time, Li Dong is ready to buy it himself. But even if you rent he is not prepared to rent for a long time, later Pingchuan is his development, Li Dong sooner or later to buy a house in Pingchuan. Hearing Li Dong say so, Wu Qian hurriedly shouted: "Mr. Li, you are talking about those old neighborhoods. This is a newly installed house, or hardcover house, complete with furniture and appliances, turnkey can move in, the price can be the same." "That two thousand eight is too outrageous, a real price, I can accept to sign a contract, can not accept even if." Wu Qian saw the situation and pretended to do: "Then you wait, I communicate with the landlord to see if it can be lowered a little." When Li Dong nodded, Wu Qian greeted Li Dong to sit down, he went into the bathroom and began to call. Li Dong does not care whether she is really playing or fake, anyway, the price is higher than their expectations he will leave, the money is still afraid of not renting a house. After about four or five minutes, Wu Qian came out. "Mr. Li, the landlord that I have said all the good words, at first he refused to agree to lower the price, or I ……" Wu Qian in front of Li Dong praised some, see Li Dong not moving, some helpless: "two thousand two. This is the lowest price, Wanyuan's rough room can be rented one thousand five hundred a month, do not believe you go ask." Li Dong is also too lazy to waste too much energy for the rental, directly said: "Two thousand, if you can rent, can not rent even if." In fact, two thousand is a bit high, but Li Dong also do not want to dwell on it. Expensive two or three hundred dollars a month he can accept, anyway, and can not live for a long time. Li Dong is ready to buy a house after a while, and so the renovation is about three or five months, there is no need to bother for a few hundred dollars again. This time Wu Qian did not say call and landlord communication, but hesitated for a moment and then directly agreed, apparently the previous offer is not her bottom line. The rental contract was signed by Li Dong and Wu Qian, and the landlord didn't show up. Li Dong does not know if the agent side as a second landlord, but this is not what he cares, rent a house only, care so much nosy why. After paying three months' rent, another month's deposit, plus the agent's fee, Li Dong spent a small 10,000 yuan. This is also him, the average college student really can not afford. But the good thing is that Wu Qian also dry, Li Dong paid the money to get the key, from now on at any time can move in to live. …… left the agency, Li Dong did not go back to school. First, he went to a small restaurant and fried two dishes to eat lunch, and in the afternoon Li Dong went to Longhua Square. The renovation of this side of Longhua has been completed a large part, according to the Yi Feng side of the statement, the middle of January should be able to complete all. The construction period is less than three months, a few days earlier than expected. Hearing this news, Li Dong looked in a very good mood. He stayed at Longhua until about five o'clock, when Li Dong got up and prepared to go back to school.