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Chapter 71 - Literary young lady

  When Li Dong returned to his dorm room, Li Tie and the others had not yet returned. While no one was bothering him, Li Dong began to pack his things and prepare to move out tomorrow. After about half an hour, there was a loud noise from the corridor. Then a few people, Xu Chen, pushed in the door with a tired face. "Brother Dong, you're too wise, if I had known I wouldn't have gone!" Meng Qiping entered the door and started to complain to Li Dong, saying that he didn't eat well, didn't play well, except for the car ride or climbing the mountain, almost exhausted he couldn't come back. Xu Chen also said, "Yes, I said not to go, the class leader insisted that I go, eat a box lunch at noon are more than ten, a big loss." Li Tie took the water bottle is ready to go down to fetch water, heard the words suddenly grunted: "I forced you to go? And I don't know who followed the morning." "I did it for you, if you hadn't said not to go to stick money, I would have gone to that shitty place?" Seeing that the two were about to argue again, Li Dong interrupted, "Have you eaten dinner?" "No, just got off the bus, how can I have time to eat." Meng Qiping touched his stomach, feeling too hungry to respond. "Then all clean up, tonight I treat." Li Dong said. "Yo, brother Dong, a treat for a good reason, get rich?" Xu Chen also forgot to continue arguing with Li Tie, laughingly joked. Li Dong smiled and did not answer, this meal is considered a break-up meal. Originally he also wanted to relive the dormitory life, but unfortunately these guys do not stop all day, Li Dong had to move out and forget about it. Seeing that Xu Chen and Meng Qiping were still asking why they were treating, Li Dong came back to his senses and scolded with a smile: "Just ask if you're going, which is so much nonsense!" "Yes, of course! Why not eat a free meal, you wait for me, I'll wash my face immediately." Xu Chen said he picked up the basin and rushed out. The others naturally did not have any comments, only Meng Qiping cheekily asked, "Brother Dong, can I bring my family?" Li Dong bristled and said carelessly, "If you are not afraid to stimulate those bachelors, bring family members, but I'm afraid you will come back sideways later." Meng Qiping thought about it with a sad face and felt that what Li Dong said was very reasonable. Reluctantly said, "Then forget it, I'm afraid they are jealous to eat me." At the evening meal, the atmosphere was quite good at first. When they learned that Li Dong had rented a house outside and would be moving out tomorrow, everyone was quite silent. Meng Qiping poured himself a glass of wine and said, "Brother Dong, is it your sister-in-law who is coming?" Li Dong shook his head, and Meng Qiping saw this and asked, "Then why do you want to move out?" Seeing several people looking at themselves, Li Dong smiled and said, "No other reason, mainly because I have something to do outside and sometimes come back late at night, it's not convenient to go back to the dormitory." Seeing Li Dong said so, everyone stopped asking questions. But several people are not stupid, guessed that it should be the dormitory people do not get along, this is the main reason why Li Dong moved out. Everyone did not say anything and started to give Li Dong wine, among which Li Tie was the most aggressive, toasting Li Dong three or four cups in a row. Until Li Dong buckled his cup, Li Tie only then stopped. This night everyone drank a lot, the bottles piled up all over the floor. Out of the hotel, six people almost all drunk. The next day, Li Dong woke up almost nine o'clock. Even so, he was one of the first to get up, the other guys were still dreaming. Li Dong got up and washed up, and began to continue packing. In fact, there is nothing to pack, except for clothes and books, the other Li Dong almost did not move. The quilt Li Dong packed up and locked into the locker, maybe one day inconvenient also come back to sleep on a night or two. Packed up the things, others are also awake. Meng Qiping rolled out of bed and simply washed up, dressed and said, "Brother Dong, I'll send you, by the way recognize a door."