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Chapter 72 - At a loss

  The house has been unoccupied, the dust is quite a lot. Li Dong three people cleaned for more than an hour to clean the house. At noon, Li Dong invited Meng Qiping and his family to have a meal together, and after eating, Meng Qiping was ready to go back to school. Cheng Nan said, "Li Dong, your house does not even have a quilt, why don't we go with you to buy it, we can also help you carry things." If it is not said that girls are more careful than boys, this guy Meng Qiping has not thought about how Li Dong sleeps at night. Li Dong was ready to resist, but thinking that he was not very convenient alone, he thanked, "Then I'll trouble you guys." Next several people began a shopping trip. To say that shopping with a woman, there are advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that girls are careful, everything for you to think about, even the toilet paper did not forget, if Li Dong himself must buy a few large pieces directly back. Of course, the disadvantages are naturally not less. That is too dragging, even to buy a small thing Cheng Nan also want to shop around before returning to the first to buy again. Li Dong said several times, but Cheng Nan did not expect to say: "How do you know if something is good or not, you men are spoiled, so there are so many unscrupulous merchants in the market!" Li Dong cried and laughed, patted the body hung with packages Meng Qiping said, "sympathy for you, usually how you hold up." I did not expect Meng Qiping a roll of the eyes despised: "Who wants your sympathy, I am happy in it! I don't know if you have a girlfriend is real or not, accompanying your girlfriend shopping is also a kind of fun understand?" Li Dong was choked by the words, there is a kind of I am speechless feeling. The heart is a secret review, their own boyfriend seems to be a little incompetent. And Qin Yuhan more than three months apart, he has not been to see her, except for the usual phone calls. When in Dongping, it seems that he did not accompany her shopping, Qin Yuhan never asked him to do anything. This moment Li Dong suddenly extraordinarily misses Qin Yuhan. After buying things to go back has been more than three o'clock in the afternoon. Cheng Nan is also ready to help set up a little, this time Li Dong refused. The relationship is close again, it is also someone else's girlfriend, not to mention he and Cheng Nan is not too familiar, how good to always trouble people. Cheng Nan's face is a faint loss, some regret. Go, wait for Cheng Nan went out, Meng Qiping only low said: "She is trying to have a cabin of their own." Li Dong nodded, Cheng Nan's mind he could see, let alone Meng Qiping. After a moment's pause, Meng Qiping hesitated for a moment before saying, "Brother Dong, can I pay you back the money I borrowed from you later?" "Whenever you want, I'm not in a hurry." Li Dong Dong. Hearing Li Dong say so, Meng Qiping's face showed joy, "Brother Dong, thank you!" In fact, he has saved some money during this period of time, originally prepared to save enough five thousand to pay back Li Dong. But now, seeing Cheng Nan's envious look, Meng Qiping's heart was not feeling good, so he moved out to live, and let Cheng Nan have the opportunity to set up his own cozy cabin. Li Dong patted his shoulder, men, ah, are not easy. Meng Qiping and Cheng Nan went away. This away, the large house was suddenly empty and silent. Li Dong alone paced to the balcony to sit on the floor, looking out the window at the sunset, suddenly felt so lonely. No one is with him, his parents are not around, and his girlfriend is thousands of miles away. And this is all his own doing, who let him let go of his obsession with money. Money, he does not lack now. But sometimes money is not everything, just like Li Dong now, he feels very lonely, money can not fill his inner emptiness. Subconsciously dialed Qin Yuhan's phone. When the crisp voice on the phone came to his ears, Li Dong seemed to come to life. "Yuhan, I miss you." The Qin Yuhan on the other side of the phone was humming: "Just know what to say, but I haven't seen you come over to see me."