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Chapter 73 Christmas Surprise

  Recommended Reading: December 25th, Christmas Day. Christmas is not a legal holiday, but today happens to be Saturday, so Li Dong did not go to school. In the morning, Li Dong was sleeping well when the phone suddenly rang. Last night's sleep was late, Li Dong dazedly picked up the phone, the next moment Li Dong was awakened. "You're back!" Qin Yuhan's teeth grinding voice came from the other end of the phone, "What, you don't want me to come back?" "No, how, of course I want you to come back, Yuhan ……" Li Dong was a little incoherent with joy, and asked in a hurry, "Where are you now? I went to pick you up, why did not you tell me earlier." "No need for you to pick up, I arrived under your dormitory building." As soon as Qin Yuhan's words fell, Li Dong slapped his head violently and said timidly, "Yuhan, I moved out, didn't I tell you?" Qin Yuhan on the phone was silent for a moment, and only after a long time did she grit her teeth and say, "When did you tell me? Or do you mean I have a bad memory?" Li Dong laughed dryly, he was really busy forgetting. But now is not the time to explain, Li Dong immediately said: "You stay put, I'll be right there!" Hang up the phone, Li Dong quickly dressed, teeth also did not brush, with cold water to wash the face and rushed out. …… Li Dong has never been so fast. From hanging up the phone, to see Qin Yuhan's first look, time is less than ten minutes. However, this moment Li Dong can not care about anything, looking at the dormitory building under the silhouette, Li Dong threw down the bike and rushed over. "Yu Han!" Li Dong picked up Qin Yu Han from behind, ignoring the envious and jealous eyes around him, and carried Qin Yu Han around several times before putting her down. Looking at Qin Yuhan, Li Dong face is full of joy, went to college Qin Yuhan seems more mature than before. The appearance is still the same as before, but the ponytail has become straight hair, looks more than before a few hints of style. Li Dong's face is almost smiling, Qin Yu Han also did the same, but then gritted his teeth and hummed: "You still remember me? If I don't come back, are you ready to find another goblin?" Li Dong hastened to cry foul and said, "In all honesty, I am as busy as a dog all day long and sleep when I am tired, so I have no time to attract others." But Qin Yuhan did not let him go and asked, "Then why did you move out?" "I'm not doing this for convenience, far away to open a store in Pingchuan thing you know ……" "Forget it, I forgive you." Qin Yuhan suddenly interrupted Li Dong's words, fingers gently brushed Li Dong's thin cheeks, eyes flashed a trace of pain and pity. In fact, the first time she saw Li Dong her heart softened, Li Dong was much thinner than before, her heart ached. Originally she was angry that Li Dong did not go to see her, but now she felt that she was too ignorant, Li Dong is fighting for their future, she should have come back earlier to see him. "Why so desperate, we are still young, we can take our time." Qin Yuhan's face is full of tenderness, with a tone of reproach. Li Dong giggled, Qin Yu Han rarely has a soft side, now the picture changed he is still a little unaccustomed. By Qin Yuhan finger across the cheek, Li Dong feel all sweet to the heart, grin: "young to fight, and so on after a few years far away to stabilize, I can enjoy life with you." This sentence is not considered love words love words let Qin Yuhan heart steep sour, can not help but snuggle into Li Dong's arms. She wanted to share the pressure for him, wanted to tell him that there is love drinking water can also be full. But she could not say it, she vaguely perceived that this is Li Dong's belief, but also an obsession, not words can be dispelled. The two just embraced each other, who did not make a sound to interrupt this rare peace. …… "Holy shit, brother Dong, pay attention to the impact in public!" When a fat voice sounded in Li Dong's ears, Li Dong had the heart to kill! The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Li Dong looked up, his eyes were full of murderous aura, if his eyes could kill, Meng Qiping would have been killed by a thousand cuts by now! Meng Qiping was stared at by Li Dong, could not help but shiver, dryly laughed: "Brother Dong, you do not look at me like that, I am timid." Li Dong grunted and ignored him with a stern face. Qin Yuhan saw this and couldn't help but laugh: "Li Dong, don't you want to introduce me?"