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Chapter 74 - Goodbye, Yu Han

  Christmas 2004, perhaps the happiest Christmas in Li Dong's previous life. The whole day, Li Dong face is full of cheerful smile. In the morning, Li Dong accompanied Qin Yuhan chat, did not talk about love and career, just talk about some interesting things about school, so 2603 laughter did not stop. In the afternoon, Li Dong accompanied Qin Yuhan to Jiangda University. Teaching buildings, dormitories, canteens, playgrounds …… the whole Jiangda everywhere left their laughter, they held hands and wandered together in the early winter campus scenery. Joy, is the theme of the day. The sun was setting and the night was coming. Walking on the campus path full of maple leaves, Qin Yuhan gently snuggled up to Li Dong, full of happiness. Li Dong also did not speak, so slowly walking, so want to time is so fixed. …… evening dinner, Meng Qiping is brought Cheng Nan together. The two girls came together and whispered when Li Dong introduced Cheng Nan and Qin Yu Han. Li Dong lost his smile, women are really a strange animal, only just met which has what secrets to talk about. But he did not bother to get involved, but talked with Meng Qiping. Halfway through the wine, Meng Qiping said, "Brother Dong, I've rented the house, and I'll move in with Nan Nan at the end of this month." Li Dong nodded and asked, "Do you want my help?" Meng Qiping waved his hand, "Not much stuff, Nan and I will be fine." Said and sighed, "You leave, I move out again, 351 almost scattered." Li Dong did not say anything, scattered or not is no way. The four people left in the dormitory, Yuan Qingfeng and Li Tie Zhang Hao relationship is not very good, Li Tie and Xu Chen relationship is also not good, anyway, is a mess. In the past, Li Dong and Meng Qiping could act as a lubricant when they were there, but now that they are gone, I don't know how those guys are going to get along. But since they moved out, Li Dong did not want to bother with that, bypassed the topic and did not continue. Meng Qiping saw that Li Dong did not want to talk about this, also no longer say, changed the topic and continued: "Huang Shanshan and Chen Fang split, do you know?" "Separated? When did it happen?" This Li Dong really do not know. Since he moved out of the dormitory, he didn't stay at school almost all the time except for going to and coming from class on time. He also barely participated in the group activities in the class, and I'm afraid there are still people in the class who can't call him by his name. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Li Dong pondered, is it because of the field day Chen Fang picking a fight? But the afterglow glanced at Qin Yuhan narrowed his eyes to look at himself, Li Dong suddenly bitter smile: "Cheng Nan, you set me up, right!" Cheng Nan laughed and refused to admit: "What set up, I'm just telling the truth." Li Dong is speechless to the extreme, these two mouths are really pitiful, specializing in the pit of people. But he knows Qin Yuhan is not the kind of suspicious people, now make a show just for fun, so no longer pay attention to Cheng Nan. But Cheng Nan did not want to let him go and teased Qin Yu Han, "Yu Han, you are so beautiful and a senior student of Beijing University, how come you fell for this guy Li Dong?" Qin Yuhan smiled but did not say anything, but the eyes looking at Li Dong were full of tenderness. Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "What do you mean, you like me? With my face, is it strange to look at me?" Qin Yuhan and Cheng Nan both couldn't help but puff and laugh. Li Dong saw the situation and asked: "I haven't asked you yet, how strange your aesthetics must be to look at fat people, quite heavy taste ah." This is the turn of Cheng Nan two mouth speechless, Meng Qiping innocent lying gun, some depressed said: "You discriminate against fat people why, and even if I am fat is a handsome fat, what is wrong." The words fell, Li Dong a few people are laughing. Next, we chatted again, and it was more than nine o'clock when the party broke up. When …… arrived home, it was almost ten o'clock. After washing Qin Yuhan also did not squirm, but chose to sleep with Li Dong in the same bed.