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Chapter 75: The Fat Man Moves

  Recommended Reading: Qin Yuhan is gone, and life goes on. This day is Meng Qiping moving day, although the fat man said no help, but Li Dong still came. Meng Qiping's rented house is next to Jiangda University, a red brick building. With fatty carrying suitcases up to the second floor, Meng Qiping opened the door, a faint musty smell came out of the house. The old house is this bad, ventilation is not good, how to deal with the smell can not be dissipated. Meng Qiping some embarrassment said: "No way, limited ability." Li Dong patted his shoulder and did not say anything. Into the house, Li Dong briefly looked at the room is not large, a room layout. The room does not have a kitchen, the landlord built a stove on the side of the building as a small kitchen. And the room's ventilation and light is not too good, the only bright spot is that the walls are newly painted, clean white walls will set off the house some light. Seeing Li Dong staring at the walls, Meng Qiping he said with a heated smile, "The walls are still suggested by us and the landlord, two days ago is waiting for the walls to dry, otherwise we would have moved in." "It's not bad, it's quite quiet." Li Dong nodded his head. "Well, Nan and I just saw it as quiet. And there's no one else on the second floor but us, and the one next to it is used as a utility room by the landlord." Li Dong saw Meng Qiping's lewd smile, could not help but laughingly scolded: "You two make enough noise ah, and specifically looking for no one to live in the place." Meng Qiping hehe laughs straight, and does not deny. As we were talking, Cheng Nan also came. Cheng Nan is their dormitory girls accompanied by a come, girls are always more emotional than boys, Li Dong glimpse a few girls eyes are still a little red. Seeing Li Dong also in, Cheng Nan laughed: "I said I don't need your help, why are you here." Li Dong raised his eyebrows, the corners of his mouth showed a smile and said, "Listen to the meaning of your words, it seems that I am not welcome to come ah?" "Of course not welcome!" Cheng Nan also laughed: "I can't compare this with your place, I'm afraid you're not used to it." The mouth said so, but look at her look can know that Cheng Nan is very satisfied with this place, the one who is satisfied is always happy. Before Li Dong could say anything, Li Wan was surprised: "Li Dong is also renting a house outside?" Because Li Dong is usually too low-key, there is little presence in the class, in addition to 351 a few people, others almost do not know that he does not live in the dormitory. Cheng Nan smiled cheekily and said, "The rented house is still the house of Wanyuan, two rooms and two halls of finely decorated houses, looking at me is almost drooling." "Wanyuan? I heard that the rent there is very expensive, Li Dong even rented a room there?" "Rich people, ah, if I had known I would have soaked him, now I can also live in Wanyuan." "……" Li Dong has not spoken, see several girls discussing themselves as if no one else, Li Dong can not help but dry cough. The person in question is right here okay, can you guys pay attention to what you are saying. Zhao Tingting, who just said she wanted to pick up Li Dong, laughed at the situation and said: "Li Dong, have a girlfriend? No let's make a pair and forget it, I also want to live in a big house." Li Dong knew she was joking, laughed and did not say anything. Seeing that he did not say anything, several girls became more reckless. Li Wan coaxed, "Li Dong, Ting Ting likes to snore when she sleeps, let's talk about it, I promise not to snore." "Li Wan, I'm going to kill you! You snore only when you sleep, you dare to tarnish my image!" Zhao Tingting was furious and went up to tickle Li Wan.