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Chapter 76 - Good Dog Blood

  Meng Qiping entered the house, and Li Dong followed after smoking a cigarette. The girls were helping to clean and decorate the room. Li Dong was a little embarrassed to see himself idle, so he picked up a broom and wanted to help. Cheng Nan, who was hanging trinkets on the bed, saw this and quickly said, "Li Dong, don't be busy, find a place to sit." "It's okay, I ……" before the words were finished, Meng Qiping coughed dryly, "Brother Dong, Nan means you should not help, where cool where to stay." "Puff!" A few girls could not help but laugh at the words, and Li Dong had a black line. But look at the girls, the room is also not big, they really can not help what, so I had to pick up a small bench in the door and sat down. There is no way, inside the place to sit are occupied by the girls, he can not go to grab it. The good thing is that in a short time, the room is almost set up. Meng Qiping said with great pride: "Don't leave later, I'll treat you at noon, to celebrate the housewarming." Li Dong glanced at him, this guy is also to face not life, poor are almost when the pants still dare to treat. …… several people at noon is in the noodle shop to eat noodles. Of course, this is not the fat man proposed, but in a few girls persuasion, fat man "reluctantly" only half agreed to. Li Dong, who is familiar with the inside story, is speechless, this guy is pretending to be quite like. Really want to go to a big restaurant, he is afraid that the fat man can not even pay for the meal. After eating, Li Dong is preparing to go back. Bai Su, who had not spoken much, suddenly said, "Li Dong, I have something to say to you." Li Dong frowned, ignored Meng Qiping who was squeezing his eyebrows, and nodded, "Okay, you say." Bai Su swept a glance at the crowd and added, "I want to talk to you alone." This time everyone's attention was attracted, Li Wan flirted: "Su Su, what secrets also share with us to share ah, you will not be …… ah ……" words have not finished Li Wan screamed miserably, crying and complaining: "Su Su, you hit really hard!" Bai Su gave a light hum and said in a good mood, "Who told you to chew the crap!" After saying that, she ignored Li Wan and said to Li Dong, "Is it convenient?" Li Dong didn't bother to think much about it, and walked straight to the side. Bai Su saw the situation and followed, Li Wan also wanted to follow over to eavesdrop, was pulled by Cheng Nan and Zhao Tingting. …… "What is it, say it." Li Dong also do not know what Bai Su and he said, the two did not cross paths between them, it is reasonable to say that there is nothing secret to say. Bai Su hesitated for a moment, saw Li Dong as if some impatience, then hummed: "You did not find it, Shan Shan did not come." Li Dong some puzzled, speechless said: "did not come, you did not come, you tell me why?" "You really don't know or fake don't know, Shanshan and Chen Fang broke up." Li Dong frowned, this is to find the rhythm of ah. Chen Fang and Huang Shanshan break up of course he knows, or Meng Qiping told him, at that time Cheng Nan said and he had a relationship. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Li Dong scanned her with a suspicious face, well, the chest bulge, is hidden murder weapon? Bai Su was full of shame and annoyance by Li Dong's look, angrily said: "Where are your eyes looking!" "Ahem …… all right, go on, Huang Shanshan and Chen Fang broke up, why are you looking for me?" Li Dong is still a little strange, revenge is of course nonsense, just curious about what Bai Su in the end to find himself? "Shanshan is not in a good mood recently, all day in a trance. I want you to comfort her." Bai Su just finished Li Dong Spartan! The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.