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Chapter 78: The end of the semester

  Money is not everything, but without it, everything is impossible. In this world, except for those second-generation people and idealists, almost everyone is struggling for money. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The fat man was able to find so many people alone in just two days in the cold winter months, which was somewhat beyond Li Dong's expectation. After all, not everyone is willing to work in such a cold day to earn money, especially these pride of Jiangda University. People are found, the next thing is not Li Dong and Meng Qiping's turn to take charge of, far so large supermarket will naturally have a person responsible for explaining the distribution. Because of the official opening on the 24th, the supermarket was being stocked with people at the moment. Li Dong and Meng Qiping found a quiet place to sit down, Meng Qiping just sat down and lamented: "Such a large supermarket, I'm afraid there are not a few million to take it down." Li Dong nodded and did not say much, not just a few million, plus the renovation of his investment has exceeded ten million. Turning the topic, Li Dong laughed: "You have some skills, two days really found so many people." Meng Qiping smiled and said with some embarrassment, "It's not my work alone, others also helped." "Cheng Nan?" Meng Qiping nodded and laughed dryly, "There's also Bai Su, she's the vice minister of the Student Union's Work-Study Department." Li Dong understood, no wonder this guy could find so many people, he really thought it was the fat man with a good mouth and wide connections. But the specific who found the people Li Dong does not care, as long as it does not delay his business on the line. The two continued to talk a few words, Li Dong Dong: "You will go to the financial side later to settle the commission, I still have some business, first go over." Meng Qiping answered and watched Li Dong walk away, thinking in his heart. ……24, Far Far Away Longhua store opened. Li Dong, who has experienced many openings, did not have the initial apprehension this time and gazed calmly at everything in front of him. The same process, the only thing that has changed is that the scale is different. Sun Tao stood behind Li Dong for a long time before saying, "We made it!" Yes, the opening of Longhua store was a success. The endless flow of people, the sound of printing invoices, all of them indicated that the supermarket was doing a hot business. Even the other merchants in Longhua Plaza followed and benefited, and business was much better than usual. "Mr. Li, your fortune is booming!" Wang Yunqing was smiling like Maitreya Buddha when he saw Li Dong. Because of the success of Far Far Away, it was easier to recruit rent for Longhua Plaza, and the rent also went up. Li Dong responded with a smile, could not help but remember Wang Jia's name for Wang Yunqing, his eyes also swept a few eyes towards Wang Yunqing's head. Well, there is some shedding, but not yet called bald. Wang Yunqing noticed Li Dong's gaze, the corners of his eyes could not help but twitch. The good thing is that Li Dong did not look too long, retracted his eyes and laughed: "Have not thanked Manager Wang for the flower basket, business is so good, it is also the luck brought by Manager Wang." Flower palanquin everyone carry, Li Dong finished Wang Yunqing smile more happy. After a few words of courtesy, Wang Yunqing asked, "I wonder if Mr. Li is interested in opening a few more branches next year?" "What is Manager Wang's opinion?" Li Dong did not answer, but asked a rhetorical question. Wang Yunqing laughed and said, "I am a part-time worker, how can I have any insight. I see that Mr. Li's business is good, so if he opens branches in other districts, we can continue to cooperate between Longhua and Yuanfang."