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Chapter 79 - Buying a house

  Although he remembered that he should have forgotten something, but Li Dong did not think of it for a while. It was only when he walked to the entrance of the Wanyuan district and saw the huge propaganda poster hanging in front of the sales center not far away that Li Dong remembered that he had been preparing to buy a house. "Wanyuan II, end of the year special", these few big words made Li Dong's heart move. I didn't expect that the second phase of Wanyuan had already been opened. Li Dong had not paid attention to it before and thought that the second phase of Wanyuan had not been completed yet. Now that he has thought of it, Li Dong is ready to go and take a look. To say that the second phase of Wanyuan, Li Dong remembered that it was more modern than the first phase, and the environment was also better. In his previous life, he had a customer is to buy the second phase of Wanyuan, Li Dong went to the customer's home once, both lighting and permeability are very good. Now if you buy a good house, after the New Year can be decorated. With this in mind, Li Dong has paced to the sales center. …… just entered the door, a sales lady dressed in a professional suit greeted. After looking at Li Dong's age and sweeping a glance towards the door, seeing that the other party came alone, the sales lady's enthusiasm dropped a lot. In her experience, like this young man alone to see the house, ten ** are to see the hustle and bustle, can really buy almost nothing. Thinking, the sales lady face is still a professional smile: "Mr. to see the house?" Li Dong nodded and did not say anything, and went straight to the model of the property. The sales lady saw the situation also followed, but did not speak, and did not speak incessantly to introduce. Li Dong did not need to be introduced, and looked around the sand table. The second phase of the Wan Yuan household type has two staircases and four families, but also two staircases and two families. Li Dong's fancy is naturally the kind of two-staircase two-family, good privacy, wind and light are also better than two-staircase four-family building. After looking at it for about three or four minutes, Li Dong pointed to the sand table and said, "Is there any existing room in this building?" The sales lady took a look at the building Li Dong pointed at and smiled: "Mr. good eye, building 8 is the king of the building. Permeability and lighting are the best building of the second phase of the Wan Yuan, downstairs is the central garden of the community, the location is excellent, the house design is also designed by foreign designers, but also double staircases and double households, easy access …… "Li Dong waited for her to say a while before interrupting:" These I know, I am asking you whether there are still existing houses!" The sales lady choked for a moment, secretly said there are existing houses you can not afford to buy! Although the heart thinks so, the mouth still returned: "You wait a moment, I will check for you." Said to go to the reception desk to get a notebook came over, looked for a while before returning: "There are still a few sets, but they are four rooms, two halls, two bathrooms, large house type, small house type has been sold out." Building 8 was originally the king of the building, the price is not expensive. If it were not for the large four-room, two-bathroom apartments that are too expensive, it would not be Li Dong's turn to pick. Li Dong frowned, four rooms and two halls is indeed a bit too big. Not to mention that now he lives alone, even if the future Qin Yuhan came, two people living is also a bit too big. Unless Dad and Mom also come over almost, but Li Dong suspected that Dad and Mom will not agree, after all, the elderly can not leave home. But Building 8 is indeed good, both the type and location are excellent. Li Dong hesitated for a moment and thought about it, "How much is a flat?" "The average price is 5500 a flat, the top and bottom floors are slightly cheaper." The price of 5500 is considered to be sky-high now, when the first phase of Wanyuan was opened, it was only 3000 a flat. Long Hua Plaza, a commercial building is only 6000 a flat, as a residential building, this price is generally not willing to bear.