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Chapter 80: Rich people have a lot of quirks

  Back at the sales center, the sales lady smiled and said, "Sir, have you seen the house?" Li Dong glanced at her and said with a slight frown, "Are you asking me to change?" The sales lady's face stiffened, wanting to say something but not knowing what to say. Li Dong gave a light hum and said with slight displeasure: "Customers are God, don't you understand? From the time I came in until now, you have not even poured a glass of water, this is the service attitude of Wanyuan?" The professional smile on the sales lady's face disappeared, and there was a little trepidation in her eyes. "Sir, sorry!" Li Dong's voice just now was not small, and a middle-aged woman immediately came over next to him. The middle-aged woman first apologized to Li Dong, followed by a fierce glare at the sales lady, turned to Li Dong and smiled: "Sorry, Xiao Chen is new here, doing things a little sloppy." Said and looked at the sales lady and drank: "Do not go to pour tea, what are you standing there!" The sales lady was then like an amnesty, hurriedly trotted to pour water. The middle-aged woman saw the situation and introduced herself: "My surname is Wu, the manager of the sales office, what is your surname, sir?" "My surname is Li." Li Dong said indifferently. "Hello Mr. Li, it was Xiao Chen who led you to see the house just now, right? If you are not satisfied, I can serve you throughout the whole process next." Manager Wu's attitude was very modest. Li Dong waved his hand and said, "No need, I've got my eye on the house, I want the one I just saw." Manager Wu froze slightly for a moment and immediately responded, "You mean the one in Building 8?" Li Dong nodded his head. Manager Wu's eyes flickered and he said to the sales lady who had just poured tea, "Xiao Chen, which room did Mr. Li just look at?" "Building 8, 2201," Xiao Chen hurriedly returned. After saying that, he glanced at Li Dong again, feeling a little unbelievable. Manager Wu was much deeper than Xiao Chen, and despite his doubts, he still did his job: "Mr. Li, are you paying in full or taking out a loan?" Li Dong did not answer, but asked, "You first help me calculate how much it will cost." Seeing this, Manager Wu did not pursue the question, picked up a calculator and calculated for a moment, then said, "Mr. Li, the total price is 862,840 yuan. The maintenance fund is two points, and the deed tax is four points." Li Dong frowned and asked, "What's the discount for paying in full?" "Two points of the maintenance fund can be returned." Manager Wu finished seeing that Li Dong was still not too satisfied, and added: "Of course, we have a discount at the end of the year, if Mr. Li pays before the end of the year, the deed tax can also be returned." This is six points cheaper, almost 50,000 yuan less. Li Dong pondered for a moment and said, "Then so be it." Manager Wu and Xiao Chen were both dumbfounded, which way is this? This is ** 100,000 things, and not the vegetable market to buy vegetables, said to buy it. Li Dong saw them froze and said in a good mood: "Do not understand what I mean? I said I'll take it!" Now they get it! Xiao Chen was still frothing, so Manager Wu smilingly tried to say, "Then Mr. Li is going to pay the deposit now?" "The deposit, it's not necessary." As soon as Li Dong's words fell, Manager Wu's face collapsed. The feeling is to amuse her! Some sympathetic glance at Xiao Chen, it seems that it is not Xiao Chen's fault, it is really the customer is too tricky. Just thinking this way, I heard Li Dong Dong: "Can you swipe your card here? If it's convenient, sign the contract today, tomorrow I will not be in Pingchuan." This time Manager Wu was also confused, half an hour before and after a house of more than 800,000 was sold? Taking a deep breath, Manager Wu immediately said, "I can use my card, Xiao Chen, go inform the finance department and bring the contract by the way!" Without saying a word, Xiao Chen rushed into the office and came out with the contract in less than a minute.