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Chapter 81 I've been waiting

  The parking space is not like a house, there is nothing to choose. Li Dong picked two parking spaces, after the payment, the card is nearly a million less. Li Dong heartache to heartache, but also do not regret. He made money for what, is not to enjoy life it. If the money is still frugal, it is better not to make money. And now the six stores are beginning to profit, the end of the year these days business is good, sometimes a day to earn more than that much money. The house has, the parking space has, just a car is missing. But Li Dong is not ready to buy, not no money, because he does not have a driver's license. Driver's license Li Dong is not prepared to test this side of Pingchuan, back to Dongping spend some money to buy a direct forget. He had a car in his previous life, naturally, he also had a driver's license, and then to learn to drive is just a waste of time. Pingchuan this side of the test driver's license is still some trouble, Dongping small county money is good, spend some money before the New Year license can be taken. ……27, Li Dong took the bus back to Dongping. In the evening after dinner, Li Dong see Li Chengyuan hesitantly obviously have something to say, they laughed: "Dad, something you say, I see are suffocating panic." Li Chengyuan glared at him and coughed dryly before saying, "That, Dongzi, I discussed with your mother ……" Seeing his dad stop again, Li Dong laughed bitterly and said, "You finish in one breath, when did you learn to hang people's appetite? "Ahem, that, that ……" Li Dong is speechless, directly bypassed the dad asked Cao Fang said: "Mom, you say." Cao Fang glared at Li Chengyuan and coughed before saying, "That, your father wants to go back to the vegetable market and continue to open a stall." "Why?" Li Dong was a bit unacceptable and said reluctantly, "Is it bad to open a convenience store? Or is it not profitable?" "Convenience stores are quite good and profitable." Li Chengyuan saw that Cao Fang said the words away, then said: "Your mother is okay, but I am a big man, sitting all day collecting money bored to death. I have been working in the market for more than ten years, and I can still talk to others, but sitting in the convenience store all day is too boring." Li Chengyuan finished in one breath, his face obviously relaxed a lot. Opened a convenience store at first he liked it, after all, earn more money than selling fish. But then repeat the same work all day long, plus no one around him to accompany him to brag, Li Chengyuan is a little impatient. Li Dong silent. Maybe he is indeed too egotistical, Dad is obviously a person who can not stand idle. The reason why he didn't talk to himself before, I'm afraid he didn't want to worry about himself. After a moment of contemplation, Li Dong said, "Dad, I'm not against you to open a booth, but you're old after all, all day and water to deal with the old must be all sick." "Who says it is not! The good work of collecting money does not do, but must go back to sell fish, if I say are full of brains!" Cao Fang said. Li Chengyuan glared at her, looking a little lost. Li Dong sighed and said, "Dad, it's okay to go back to open the stall, but you have to hire someone to do it, kill the fish and give it to someone else to do, so I can agree." Since Dad is not willing to stay in the convenience store, Li Dong can not force him, can only find a way to compromise. As soon as Li Dong finished speaking, Li Chengyuan got excited and said, "OK, I agree!" "Okay what okay, I think you just want to go back to the old six and their bragging, the vegetable market is dirty all day and night, I'm not going back!" "I did not ask you to go back, you continue to count your money!" "What's wrong with counting money, I'm happy!" "……" listening to the old couple tussling, Li Dong face showed a faint smile. It seems that he thought a little earlier, and now Dad's spirit is obviously better than before. …… the morning of the 28th, Li Dong went to a driving school.