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Chapter 82: Losing money?

  I was touched by you guys, I was surprised to get a few hundred more recommendation votes after a whine, and several brothers rewarded and left messages of encouragement in the book review section, you guys are the best! The eighth day of the first month. Dongping supermarket third floor. The small conference room was full of people and Qi Yunna, the store manager of Nanping, was pulling Sun Tao to ask, "Mr. Sun, I heard that Mr. Li is going to give out the year-end bonus today, right?" "Mr. Sun, can you reveal how much it is?" Guo Mingzhi, the store manager of Hechuan, smilingly answered. Xie Hong, the store manager of Qingyang branch, glanced at the two and snickered, "Even if a year-end bonus is given out, there aren't many dako with that performance of yours." Qi Yunna heard the words immediately put aside Sun Tao, and sneered back: "Old Xie, don't stand and speak without waist pain! Qingyang branch conditions are so good, the total Li tilt of resources is also the most, on your performance also have the nerve to come out to show off!" "That's right!" "If I were the store manager of Qingyang, the performance would definitely be more than that." Several other store managers have spoken out to refute, who let Xie Hong offend the public. Xie Hong's face snapped, rubbed his head and mumbled: "What's wrong with my performance, let you guys on may not be as good as me." Sun Tao saw them bickering still smiled and did not say anything, turned to the silent Fang Hao said, "Fang store manager, nothing stressful, right?" Fang Hao, the newly appointed Dongping store manager, said with some trepidation, "Mr. Sun, to be honest, I'm under a lot of pressure." Dongping's situation is far away who does not know, that is Li Dong's starting place. Do a good job is the job, do not do a good job that is incompetent to the extreme. Previously, Fang Hao has been defiant Yang Yun, that she stole his position. But when Yang Yun left, he sat in the position of store manager as he wished, and only then felt an invisible pressure on himself, just half a month, he had a feeling of being crushed. Sun Tao saw the situation patted his shoulders, encouraging: "Do a good job, since Li let you take up the heavy responsibility, that is to see you. Believe in yourself, your achievements in this half month are in the eyes of Mr. Li and me, you are doing very well." Fang Hao thanked him for his words, and his tight frown was slightly released. Just as everyone was chatting, Li Dong stepped into the conference room. After scanning a circle, seeing that almost everyone had arrived, Li Dong first arched his hand and smiled, "First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone for the New Year, it was hard for everyone last year!" "No hard work, no hard work." "Happy New Year, Mr. Li!" "" The crowd responded with all sorts of words, and Li Dong waved his hand to indicate everyone to sit down. Waiting for the conference room to quiet down again, Li Dong then continued, "Too busy before the year, have not been able to find the time to bring everyone together, today is considered a late annual meeting." "I won't talk too much, I have a few things to say today. Of course, the bonus will definitely be counted in these things." Once Li Dong's words fell, the meeting room applauded like a tide. Sun Tao laughed when he saw this: "Mr. Li, this talk about handing out money, everyone's spirit is different." Li Dong also laughed, "The end of last year did not send, these guys may secretly how to scold me for being stingy and stingy." "Not at all, Mr. Li, don't slander us." Qi Yunna hurriedly interjected with a smile. Li Dong also did not refute, but just laughed: "Since Store Manager Qi said so, then Store Manager Qi's year-end bonus will not be paid." Qi Yunna suddenly wilted, causing the crowd to laugh. When everyone had laughed, Li Dong continued: "We are not in a hurry to pay out the money, we can't run away anyway. I will first report to you all the achievements of Yuanfang last year." The crowd first laughed for a while, then they quieted down and listened to Li Dong sideways. "Yuanfang's first store, Dongping Branch, opened on August 1, 2004, and as of February 8, 2005, that is, New Year's Eve, it made a total profit of 8.2 million."