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Chapter 83 Target

  After the jokes, Li Dong then returned to his righteousness and said, "Last year, Yuanfang developed very well, and this could not be done without everyone's efforts." The crowd hastily applauded. Li Dong reached out and pressed his hand and continued, "Let me talk about the goal of Yuanfang this year." "Last year we opened six stores, this year my idea is to make six stores into thirty!" When the words fell, everyone's face was grave. Sun Tao asked, "Mr. Li, twenty-four stores a year, isn't the speed a bit fast?" Twenty-four stores a year, that is to say, two stores have to be opened every month, which is still a bit difficult for the current Yuanfang. Li Dong shook his head. There are 16 prefecture-level cities, 42 municipal districts and 66 counties in Jiangbei. First, not counting the townships, is a store in each county, at least more than a hundred. Want to complete the dream of Li Dong before graduating from college far across Jiangbei, a year of twenty-four can only be said to be the minimum requirement. Sun Tao saw the situation then no longer refuted, but asked: "Then Li means to use the 50 million funds on the books?" Li Dong first nodded and then shook his head, "I can't use all of this money, otherwise the consequences will be endless." Although he desperately wanted to expand, but he had not yet reached the point of fainting. Previously, the diversion of a few million is just, in an emergency, Li Dong can still scrape together to make up for it. But once the embezzlement of 50 million, which one of the links of the problem, the capital chain of Yuanfang may break, then the only fate of Yuanfang is bankruptcy and collapse. In the final analysis, the bottom line is still too shallow, the risk resistance is too poor. If those large supermarkets do not need to consider these, they have thousands of stores, each store to put together a hundred thousand can also casually use hundreds of millions of dollars. Li Dong explained: "My idea is still to store to store, take 20 million out first, the first half of the year to open ten to twelve stores. When the newly opened stores start operating with income, plus the current six stores to support, the second half of the year we have plenty of hand, the rest of the stores can be opened." 20 million to open ten stores should be enough, the key is to take out 20 million, Yuanfang still has enough money to act as a reserve. The rest of the money to cope with some unexpected situations should be fine, unless there is a mega change before an accident occurs. Others have nodded their heads, in fact, Yuanfang did so last year. But last year, the first can only rely on the blood transfusion of a store in Dongping, so the new store opened a little slower. Now Far Eastern still has plenty of money, plus six stores blood transfusion, a year to open twenty-four stores is not too difficult. Other people are to manage their own stall on the line, naturally will not have any comments. Sun Tao frowned and said: "Then our staff gap will be too big, and at the same time there is a large influx of new people, which is not conducive to the development of the company." Li Dong did not speak, but glanced at Qi Yunna a few people. Sun Tao had been working with him for so long that he immediately understood Li Dong's meaning. Li Dong's meaning is naturally to let Qi Yunna a few people move position, Qingyang several branches now gradually stabilized, these store managers are sent to expand the best candidates. The new people are first recruited in a few old stores up experience, after a few months can be released to use. Sun Tao afterglow swept Xie Hong crowd a glance, see they still do not know, heart some stifled laughter. These guys still think it's none of their business, do they think Li is the kind of person who is willing to let people idle? Not to mention others, the management of the Yuanfang Dongping store who is not directed by Li Dong around. Yang Yun went to Pingchuan to manage the logistics company, Fang Hao took charge of the Dongping branch, himself is on call, last year almost never idle. Sun Tao also does not remind, around the topic said: "Then our main development area this year to focus on which piece?" There are sixteen prefecture-level cities in Jiangbei, in addition to Qingyang and Pingchuan, the other fourteen prefecture-level cities naturally can not be a swarm on the ground. The best way is to nibble, just like the current Qingyang. Li Dong had the answer in his mind and immediately replied, "Fucheng in the first half of the year, and Tongshan in the second half." "Fucheng? Copper Mountain?" The people thought for a moment and immediately understood Li Dong's idea. If you take out the map of Jiangbei and take a look, you will find that Pingchuan is at the very center and Qingyang is at the most remote in the south.