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Chapter 84 - Very silly and naive

  The evening of the ninth day of the first month. This day Wang Jie invited Li Dong to dinner. When Li Dong arrived at the hot pot city, Wang Jie had already opened a drink alone. Seeing Li Dong, Wang Jie looked up and greeted, "Dongzi, here you are." Li Dong head, sit down opposite Wang Jie. Swept a glance at Wang Jie, high school watermelon head and green skin are gone, a short inch of Wang Jie looks much more mature. Seeing Li Dong sit down, Wang Jie asked, "Beer white?" "Beer." Wang Jie laughed and scolded: "What beer to drink in the winter, to white!" "Then you still ask!" Wang Jie laughed and poured a glass for Li Dong directly, and raised his glass: "I haven't seen you for half a year, let's have a drink!" Li Dong and he clinked glasses, sip, see Wang Jie drained the cup of wine, frowned slightly. The next two people also have little to say, eating hot pot, drinking white wine, sometimes a few anecdotes about school. Halfway through the meal, Li Dong suddenly said, "Divided?" Wang Jie's hands pause to clip the food, a long time before laughing at himself: "You have the potential to be a godsend." Strike and laughed: "personality incompatibility, how about your reason?" Li Dong did not anything, raised his cup and Wang Jie clinked glasses. Both are a sip, drink Wang Jie can not hold up a bit, covering his mouth dry vomit. Li Dong poured him a glass of water. Wang Jie drank a long breath of water, a long time before losing his smile: "How your heart is so easy to change." "At that time you distance produce beauty, I also scoffed, now I kind of believe." Finish Wang Jie and ready to drink, Li Dong reached out to stop, "Do not and their own body over." "Hey, that's true. Love is someone else's, the body is their own." Wang Jie gave a red-faced laugh. Laughing and laughing a little hard said, "Dongzi, how can your woman be so fickle? I went to the capital for her, just to guard this love, but in the end it ended up empty, except for the bruises, nothing." Li Dong had no words to say. Wang Jie also does not care, said: "I can see, what love is bullshit, these days are rather sitting in a BMW crying than sitting behind a bicycle laughing." "Character incompatibility? Come out I want to laugh myself!" "It's not that others are richer than me, driving luxury cars, sending roses, eating western food, really think I don't know anything about it!" Li Dong was silent, still some can not believe Chen Yue will become like this. He also called Chen Yue during the New Year, when she was laughing very brightly on the phone, Li Dong is difficult to link her and Wang Jie mouth this vain woman together. The next Wang Jie began to drink again, Li Dong did not advise. Drinking, Wang Jie suddenly choked and said, "Dongzi, I regret it!" …… send Wang Jie back, drunk Wang Jie also has been in he regrets. Li Dong could not guess what he was regretting. Maybe regretting that he should not have fallen in love with Chen Yue? Maybe it is regret that should not go to the capital? In any case, this love that did not have in the previous life ended up without a problem. History seems to be always being plucked by an invisible hand, correcting everything that should not happen. Li Dong is a bit disillusioned, will this butterfly of his own also have the day to be corrected? …… The 12th day of the first month. Li Dong sent away Qin Yuhan. Another parting, Li Dong seems to be somewhat accustomed to Qin Yuhan's departure. Seeing the train to the capital slowly leaving, Li Dong stood for a long time. Turning around, Li Dong's footsteps stalled. "You …… are also leaving today?" As if a blooming snow lotus, Yuan Xue smiled and said, "Yes, I am also leaving today." Li Dong opened his mouth and pointed to the departing train, "The train has already left." "I saw it." Yuan Xue head, as if in a irrelevant matter. Li Dong jaw dropped, you saw it?