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Chapter 85 Sponsorship

  At home after the Lantern Festival, the first month of the sixteenth Li Dong rushed back to school. The first thing that happened at the beginning of the university was the class meeting. The class meeting is actually the most boring, are some of the same old things, Fang Qingfei intonation words listened to Li Dong drowsy. Li Dong feels that Fang Qingfei is almost an old woman, out of the words are no longer crisp, but has a tendency to hypnotist development. Just after the class meeting, Li Dong was about to go back to Wanyuan when the old aunt …… ahem, Fang Qingfei came up. "Li Dong, come to my office." Fang Qingfei tone is very bad, Li Dong suspected that she is not a mind reader, heard himself her bad words. …… Under the gaze of those envious and jealous boys in the class, Li Dong followed Fang Qing Fei's ass into the office. Just inside, Fang Qingfei said: "The door closed." Li Dong suddenly rose to a thought, old Fang is ready to sneak himself? Of course, this is all a bullshit idea. Li Dong honestly closed the door, just after closing the door Fang Qingfei admonished: "Li Dong, do you still consider yourself a member of the international trade class?" Li Dong was confused and said, "Teacher Fang, I didn't do anything?" "You haven't done anything? Have you participated in the group activities of the class? Have you been to the college's quality development activities? Now you don't even live in the dormitory, do you really think I can't control you anymore?" Li Dong cried and laughed, is Lao Fang's aunt here today? So much anger, just for these trivial matters necessary. But Li Dong did not say this, or Fang Qingfei certainly pick his skin. After pondering for a moment, Li Dong tentatively said, "Teacher, how about I move back?" "Ahem, that is not necessary, although the school has rules that students can not go out to stay, but I am not impersonal ……", Li Dong understood, this is the rhythm of something ah. There is also nothing good, Li Dong directly said: "Teacher, are you something?" Fang Qingfei face showed a touch of scarlet, slightly embarrassed said: "Actually, it's nothing, is to hear that you have acquaintances in the distant supermarket?" Li Dong's eyebrows twitched, this news spread really fast. Li Dong also did not deny, said: "Yes, I know a few people." "In fact, this is the case, Li Dong, the college in April this year to organize a singing contest, and far side is known far and wide big business ……" Fang Qingfei blah blah blah a bunch, finally Li Dong is considered to understand. The good sound called pulling sponsorship, the simple and straightforward one, that is to ask for money! Not directly ask for money, but let the far side title college singing competition. This kind of pulling sponsorship is very common in the school, the university even has a special outreach department, is to pull sponsorship for the school. Usually like some x x cup table tennis competition, x x cup soccer competition, x x x cup x x tournament, are those companies pay money, and then the school to the enterprise title organized activities. This kind of thing is not unfamiliar to Li Dong, just some strange said: "Ms. Fang, this matter can let the outreach department directly talk to the marketing department of the far side, there is no need to find me, right." Li Dong finished Fang Qingfei more embarrassed, half a long time before whispering: "Far side of the college went to talk, but they suspected that the college organized the singing contest scale is too, and can not bring them publicity effect, so refused." Since the marketing department side did the planning, Li Dong also did not want to disrupt their steps. So he said, "Teacher, in that case, I'm afraid I can't be of much help."