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Chapter 86 I am your uncle

  Coming out of Fang Qingfei's office, Li Dong went directly to Longhua Plaza. Talking about sponsorship with the marketing manager, Hu Yong couldn't help but complain, "Mr. Li, we would like to sponsor a few campus activities to raise awareness, but that has to be reliable too!" "Just one college activity, when the students of Jiang University came to talk to me, the mouth is 100,000 to 80,000, simply ignorant cute!" The Hu Yong also cried and laughed: "I asked the sponsorship they can provide us with what, you guess what?" "Banners, on-site leaflets, nothing more than these things." Li Dong said casually. Hu Yong shook his head, full of bitter smile: "If so just forget it, the results of the girl who led the others, she can help us go free to send leaflets." Hearing this Li Dong also could not help but laugh out. Hu Yong spread his hands, slightly helpless: "I was telling her, 100,000 yuan, I can hire two thousand people to send a day of leaflets, people girl are almost crying by me." Li Dong finished laughing also shook his head, these students are really naive. The business can be big enough to have a few fools, we are doing business, and not charity. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible support to the students, who are still the mainstream of the university town. You and Jiangda side to talk again, one hundred thousand dollars certainly not, one or two million if not excessive you agreed." Hu Yong head, one or two million he can accept, as money to buy fame. Not more, as long as this singing contest can bring dozens of stable customers for Yuanfang, the money will be earned back sooner or later. Li Dong finished these then left Longhua, like this kind of tens of thousands of dollars of money in and out, if not Fang Qingfei begged to his head, Li Dong usually will not bother at all. …… back to Wanyuan when Li Dong remembered that his property license should come down. It just so happens that while there is nothing to do today, Li Dong turned to go to the sales center. As soon as he entered, Chen, who accompanied Li Dong to see the house that day, greeted him quickly and said enthusiastically, "Mr. Li, you are here to get your property license, right?" Li Dong head, asked, "Has the property license come down yet?" "Yes, I'll go get it for you, you sit down first." Chen finished and hurriedly went to the manager's office. Li Dong was about to sit down and rest when he felt like someone was looking at him and twisted his head to look. This look Li Dong some surprise, met an acquaintance! Not one, but two! And also two seemingly unrelated people, Li Dong simply did not expect to meet them here at the same time. Li Dong saw them at the same time, Fang Qingfei and Wang Jia also saw Li Dong early. Wang Jia was still a bit hesitant, Fang Qingfei already came over, looked Li Dong up and down, half a long time before tsking and saying, "Li Dong, if we hadn't just met, I wouldn't have believed you were Li Dong." Just after these words, Wang Jia said in surprise, "Qing Fei, you also know Mr. Li?" "Mr. Li?" Fang Qingfei swept a glance at Li Dong with a smirk. Li Dong didn't move and laughed lightly, "Quite a coincidence, Ms. Fang and Sister Wang know each other?" Wang Jia took a curious glance at Li Dong and Fang Qingfei, wondering how they knew each other. Hearing Li Dong ask, Wang Jia head said: "Qing Fei and I are college classmates, after graduating from graduate school she stayed in school, I came out to work. By the way, how do you know Qing Fei?" Before Li Dong could say anything, Fang Qingfei laughed and said, "Jia Jia, I forgot to talk to you, the General Manager Li you are talking about is my student." "What?" Wang Jia shrieked, and after shrieking, she hurriedly covered her mouth, her face still filled with disbelief. She was shocked not by Li Dong's age, after all, Li Dong just didn't look big.