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Chapter 87: Human kindness is priceless

  The next day, the official start of classes at Jiangnan University. After the morning class, Li Dong was stopped by Li Tie before he left the classroom, Li Tie said with a smile, "Dongzi, let's have lunch together, we haven't gathered for a long time since you moved out." Li Dong felt that it was inappropriate to refuse, so he nodded and said, "Okay, where to go?" "Where else can we go, the canteen!" Xu Chen laughed, "We are poor, we can't afford to invite you to a restaurant." Li Dong does not mind, nodded: "That's fine, it just so happens that there is still some money left in the campus card is not used, today I treat." Jiang University's campus card Li Dong almost never used, just enrolled in a few hundred dollars Li Dong is almost forgotten. Hearing Li Dong treats, several people laughed. Li Dong is a tycoon they know, and say the canteen to eat a meal does not cost much money, we did not refuse. A line of six people together to kill the canteen. After entering the canteen, Li Dong saw that it was overcrowded, so he said, "Let's go to the second floor, there are not many people in the small canteen." The second floor is the teachers' cafeteria, but usually also do business with students, but the price is more expensive than the big pot of rice. The others naturally had no opinion, and several people went up to the second floor together. …… ordered the food, let Li Dong embarrassing scene happened. When he swiped his card, it showed a zero balance! Li Dong face is green, what is going on? The back and forth test also several times, indeed, the card no money, Li Dong are dizzy, did he remember wrong, the money is used up by himself? Seeing that others are holding back their laughter, plus the chef of the grill is still pressing, Li Dong depressed: "Pay cash okay?" The chef who cooked the food looked disgusted and said reluctantly, "You can't use cash upstairs, or you can go down and eat." Li Dong cursed, the money does not know how to earn, head into the water it! The line of sight swept to Li Tie several people, Li Dong Dong: "Or you first swipe the card, I will give you the money later." Several people looked at each other, Li Tie half a long time before he coughed: "I still have 8 dollars in my card." "I have 12 left," Zhang Hao said in a low voice. Xu Chen skimmed his lips, "Poor man, 6 yuan." Yuan Qingfeng waved his hand dryly, "I rarely come to the cafeteria, I don't even have my card with me." Finally, all eyes looked at Meng Qiping. The fat man said with an innocent face, "You know, Cheng Nan and I usually eat at home, do not come to the canteen." Li Dong was speechless, these guys are too wasteful. Six big men, but even a hundred dollars can not get together, Li Dong found that the eyes of the cook have changed. Li Dong had no choice but to say, "Then you guys wait here, I'll go deposit money." Just as he was about to go downstairs to deposit money, Fang Qingfei appeared behind Li Dong silently and said smilingly, "How about I brush it for you first and you pay cash to me?" Li Dong frowned slightly, but finally nodded without saying anything. When Fang Qingfei swiped her card, the others invited Fang Qingfei to eat with them. Fang Qingfei declined with a smile and looked to Li Dong, "Li Dong, let's talk?" The others were all gossiping, but Li Dong cursed, "I knew this woman was up to no good! After glaring at a few out-of-tune guys, Li Dong followed Fang Qingfei to a table around the corner and sat down. Just sitting down, Fang Qingfei said with a smile, "Mr. Li, I didn't expect that there would be times when you couldn't even eat." Li Dong's face was full of black lines, and he said in a good mood, "Say something, go play by yourself." "Tsk, the boss is the boss, look, the aura is different, even the teacher dares to contradict." Fang Qingfei continued to tease. Li Dong was too lazy to pay attention to her and got up to leave. Fang Qingfei hurriedly said, "No, I still have something to do." "Something to say, I have to eat!" Fang Qingfei was not happy, humming: "The meal is still my money, first pay the money." Li Dong had no choice but to take out two 100s from his wallet and handed them over. Seeing that Fang Qingfei happily accepted the money, Li Dong stared at her for a long time.