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Chapter 88 - Misunderstanding

  After mentally calculating the gains and losses, after a while Li Dong said, "Then it doesn't take so much money, right?" 100,000 yuan, a smaller concert is enough. Hearing Li Dong say so, Fang Qingfei immediately felt that there is a game, and quickly said: "Super Girl has seen?" Li Dong shook his head, last year he was very busy, which has time to watch TV. But the 04 Supergirl is really hot, usually Li Dong heard a lot of people mention. Of course, Li Dong knows that this year's Supergirl will be even hotter, but Li Dong has never paid much attention to these showbiz matters. Fang Qingfei was speechless, but explained, "Li Xi, who entered the top ten last year, is a native of Pingchuan, and the college wants to invite her to be a judge, and the 100,000 yuan includes her appearance fee." Li Xi? Li Dong thought about it, I don't think I've heard of it, that is, the kind that will certainly not fire in the future. But also, if it is really hot, who will come to participate in a small college singing competition. It seems that this Li Xi is ready to take advantage of the fame is still out to make money, no wonder and the college of the old fashioned hooked up. Li Dong thought about it and asked, "Even so, she is not worth this much money for a new debutante, right?" Fang Qingfei glared at him, how can this sound so unpleasant, as if people want to sell their bodies. Fortunately, Li Dong did not know her heart, otherwise it would certainly change face. The Supergirl gang's singing voice he does not comment much, but the looks he really does not dare to compliment. "That's because you don't know how hot Li Xi is in Pingchuan! Besides, the money also has to set up the stage, publicity activities, set bonuses, in fact, Li Xi's appearance fee is not high, this is still people on the face of our Jiangda, otherwise it would not come at all." See Li Dong face disdain, Fang Qingfei annoyed: "You do not believe, Li Xi is now a civilian hero in Pingchuan, fame than those first-line stars are big! When the event starts, there will definitely be media to cover it, then the 'Yuanfang Cup' campus singing contest will definitely be on fire, you've made a lot of money, you know!" Li Dong skimmed his mouth, really want so good, you will think of me. What Li Xi Zhang Xi, not even the first three, which will have so much fame. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Li Dong also does not want to entangle with Fang Qingfei, exhaled and said: "Let's do it this way, you get a detailed planning plan out. I will let people talk to you, how much money is needed, or whether to invite this what Li Xi, the far side will have a decision." Despite resenting Li Dong's disdain for Pingchuan's civilian heroes, but when things came to this point, Fang Qingfei was already satisfied. Li Dong means to agree to sponsorship, as for the money more money less then continue to talk is. …… Li Dong back to eat, Li Tie these guys have begun to feast. See Li Dong back, Xu Chen thief smile: "Dong, cattle ah! Even the big beauty of Fang has hooked up!" "Brother Dong is powerful!" Meng Qiping stretched out his thumb with a cheap look on his face. Zhang Hao is full of food, see the situation vaguely said: "Brother Dong is handsome!" Li Dong did not take the straw, laughed and scolded: "You guys are good enough, let me eat your saliva, right!" "No way, I saved one for you on purpose." Meng Qiping laughingly pushed the meal left behind to Li Dong, and then curiously said, "What did the beautiful woman Fang talk to you about? Talking for so long." When these words came out, several guys' ears perked up. Li Dong did not return to him, directly open to eat. Other people see the situation can not help, Li Dong do not want to say things certainly will not say, ask is also asked in vain. ……