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Chapter 89: Different Tastes

  (Sorry for the late shift today. (By the way, I'd like to ask for a ticket, thank you for your support. In mid-March, the sponsorship was finalized. Far Far Away contributed 80,000 yuan to become the exclusive sponsor of the first "Far Far Away Cup" campus singing competition. According to Hu Yong's law, the deal was not a loss. The things that Li Dong considered were not in his consideration, what Hu Yong cared about was Li Xi. Perhaps Li Dong is too look at the influence of a grassroots artist, Li Xi's influence in Pingchuan is really not low. Fang Qingfei's "civilian hero" may be somewhat exaggerated, but Li Xi's popularity in Pingchuan is indeed very high. Even Hu Yong, a middle-aged man who doesn't care about the entertainment industry, knows Li Xi's name, which shows the general. ……3 On the 18th of March, the singing competition registration officially started. Because of the publicity posters with Li Xi on them, there were quite a few people who signed up. The first day of registration was more than 300 people. don't look at the number 300, you know that last year, the entire Jiangnan University organized a large singing and dancing event, the registration is not more than 300 people. Li Dong, of course, is happy to see, regardless of whether Li Xi is really famous or fake famous, as long as the event does not run a smash. If you can attract more people's attention, it would be better, maybe the money invested in the far side will soon be able to earn back. The only thing that surprised Li Dong was that that guy Meng Qiping had signed up! When Li Dong saw Meng Qiping at the school, he was still a bit incredulous and said, "Fatty, your broken voice also dares to go to the show, not afraid to scare people?" Meng Qiping looked disgruntled and said indignantly: "You guys are looking at people, right! I'm a tenor, do you understand tenor? A group of amateurs still have the nerve to laugh at me, my singing voice will naturally be appreciated!" Li Dong speechless, this is really a person shameless world invincible. Meng Qiping's voice also dares to call himself a tenor, and he is not afraid of others hammering him to death. Finally or Zhang Hao smiled and explained: "Brother Dong, you do not ask. In fact, it was Cheng Nan who had to let Fatty on the stage, to let Fatty take the first place, the first place is a bonus of 3000." Li Dong almost sprayed, Cheng Nan really dare to think! If the fat man can take the first, he Li Dong's name written backwards can. Some sympathy patted the fat man's shoulder, Li Dong comforted: "It's okay, even if you can not get the first, the penultimate is certainly your." Meng Qiping gave him a blank look and grunted, "Maybe I really won the first place." The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, this guy is getting thicker and thicker skin. A few people were talking when Bai Su and Cheng Nan came over. Seeing Li Dong and them, Cheng Nan hurriedly said, "Fatty, have you given your name?" Meng Qiping head, did not have time to speak, Bai Su laughed: "Fortunately I did not sign up, otherwise the thought of singing with this guy, I have the heart to die." Thinking back to the beginning of the school year, the fat man sang a song for her, Bai Su still unforgettable. The first thing Cheng Nan naturally heard about Bai Su, but still did not think: "What is that, it is because the fat man sang badly I let him to sign up. The taste of Supergirl is different, you have not seen it do not understand, I have seen a few times, the more strange singing is favored, fatty is just right." The first time I heard Cheng Nan, the crowd felt that there was really that much truth in this. Only Meng Qiping a sorrowful face, feelings of his daughter-in-law is not like to listen to their own songs, just think that their singing is too difficult to listen to.