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Chapter 90 - Anger

  At the end of March, Sun Tao ended the Fucheng expedition back to Pingchuan. That afternoon, Li Dong saw Sun Tao, who had lost a circle again. This time Li Dong nothing, patted Sun Tao's shoulder, personally poured a cup of tea for him. Sun Tao was somewhat flattered, and quickly got up and said, "Mr. Li, you're too kind." Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, the two sat down and smoked a cigarette, after a while Sun Tao said, "There are six counties and two municipal districts in Fucheng, my opinion is to open seven stores for the time being, and one store in the city is enough." "Is there fierce competition over there?" Li Dong did not go along with the words, but asked a question. Sun Tao said, "Fucheng is bigger than Qingyang, and the economy is developing faster than Qingyang, so the competition is naturally fiercer than Qingyang. But the county is okay, except for a few supermarkets, there are almost no big supermarkets in the city." Li Dong was silent, it seems that the competition is still relatively fierce. 04 years under the jurisdiction of the county of Qingyang almost no supermarkets exist, now the county of Fucheng has a supermarket. After a few moments of contemplation, Li Dong Dong said, "Since Sun has inspected it well, then we should start construction as soon as possible. The speed of renovation should also be accelerated, and strive to open before July." Sun Tao calculated a moment, soon to enter the April, July opening words only three months to prepare. Three months, if the speed is fast is almost enough. After thinking about it, Sun Tao said, "What about the staff?" "Let Qi Yunna go to Fucheng." "The store manager of the city store?" Sun Tao said testily. Li Dong shook his head and said, "The regional manager." Sun Tao immediately frowned, from the county branch store manager directly step up to the regional manager, this span is a bit big. And there are seven stores opening soon in Fucheng, can Qi Yunna take on such a big responsibility? Vaguely, Sun Tao feels that Li Dong is afraid that not only is valued Qi Yunna's ability, more importantly, Qi Yunna is Li Dong's direct line. Truthfully, sometimes Sun Tao himself is worried. Now the six stores, in addition to Dongping and Nanhe, the other stores are almost all his people, Longhua is even his own direct control, Li Dong if a don't mind that's a ghost. Thinking of this, Sun Tao did not raise objections, and said: "That's okay, I will inform later." Li Dong had the head, and said: "Let Guo Mingzhi go to downtown Fucheng as store manager." Sun Tao some confused Li Dong's meaning, Guo Mingzhi is his old relationship. The transfer of Guo Mingzhi as the downtown store manager, is it to restrain Qi Yunna, or to appease himself? Li Dong does not care what he thinks, after Guo Mingzhi will no longer personnel arrangements, but asked: "The budget is made out?" "Probably between 12 million and 13 million." Sun Tao put aside the nonsense in his mind and hurriedly returned. Li Dong rubbed his temples and said with some annoyance, "It's a bit higher than the previous estimate, and the average investment per store is over 1.7 million." Sun Tao did not say anything, the cost went up for sure, the rent alone is much higher than last year. And today's labor is also more expensive than last year, money is increasingly worthless. 04 years to open a store of the same size of about 1.5 million is enough, now up more than ten percent. Li Dong sighed, now it is still good. Wait a few more years, the rent will become a big head, then I'm afraid the supermarket will have to make money for the landlord. Why so many supermarkets in later times can not support, the most important thing is the cost is too high, on the one hand, the rent, on the other hand is labor. Labor is okay, we are the same standard.