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Chapter 91 Preliminary Round

  April 2nd, Saturday. The preliminary round of the "Far Far Away Cup" singing contest officially started today. Li Dong was woken up early in the morning by Meng Qiping's phone call. When he heard that Fatty had asked him to join his cheering corps, Li Dong cursed: "Don't be ashamed! It is clear to go to shame, and also make a cheering corps, you are not afraid of shame I am afraid of shame!" So to say, see the fat man begging, Li Dong had no choice but to get up and wash up. …… When Li Dong arrived at the multi-purpose hall, it was already full of people. This is only the preliminary round, I did not expect so many people, so it is clear that the singing contest is indeed very successful. And multi-functional hall are hung around the slogan to promote faraway supermarkets, it seems that the student union gang is quite dedicated. The venue for the preliminary round is in the multi-purpose hall, and when the final round is held, it will be held in the school auditorium. The auditorium can accommodate 5,000 people, and the scene will definitely be more enthusiastic than today. Li Dong secretly prayed that it would be better to get a hit, or at least get the capital back. It was already five or six minutes later when he found Meng Qiping and the others. When he saw Li Dong, before Meng Qiping could say anything, Cheng Nan said, "Li Dong, you're really here?" The expression clearly said, you really came to follow the humiliation? Li Dong's face is full of black lines, no good: "You said he could win the first, I came to follow the glory." Cheng Nan smiled a little speechless, I just said it casually, you really believe. Seeing Li Dong looking around, Cheng Nan said: "Do not look, just a few of us, you really think the fat man has any cheering legion." Li Dong's face is black, the fat man told him to invite dozens of people to cheer for him, he still took it seriously. Seeing that Li Dong wanted to strangle himself, Meng Qiping hurriedly laughed dryly and said, "Brother Dong, this is only the preliminary round, our cheering corps is not yet used, you will see when we enter the final round." See your sister, 90% elimination rate, the fat man is not finished! Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to him, and looked towards the stage and asked, "Which one is Li Xi?" Cheng Nan and Meng Qiping froze for a moment, and then looked at Li Dong as if they were aliens. Even the students who heard Li Dong's question next to them showed surprised eyes, the look was obviously contempt. Li Dong saw some froze, these guys have a problem, right, a third-tier star, he does not know is not strange? After a while, Meng Qiping coughed dryly: "Brother Dong, are your eyes okay?" Li Dong glared at him and was just about to speak when he heard Bai Su say with a strange expression, "Li Dong, which eye did you see a woman on the jury?" Li Dong scratched his head, depressed: "I did not see ah, but there are a few not a little girl, is not Li Xi?" In his opinion, Li Xi should be the kind of ear short hair, unisex dress, long and almost the same kind of man. Because Supergirl left him the impression of this, but listen to the meaning of these guys, is not? Cheng Nan several people is already powerless to spit, after a while Bai Su slyly said: "Li Dong, don't tell me that you have not even seen the publicity posters." There is a picture of Li Xi on the promotional poster, if Li Dong had seen it, it wouldn't have been such a big joke. Li Dong nodded, he really hadn't seen it. Since knowing that he was pitched more than 100,000, Li Dong is no longer interested in bothering with this. He is now waiting to know the results, this money can not be earned back, Hu Yong guy must be unlucky is. Bai Su did not want to talk, directly shut up. Meng Qiping sighed: "Brother Dong, you say this out, will be killed." Li Dong glared at him, is it so exaggerated? When Meng Qiping saw that he did not believe him, he hurriedly said, "Really, Li Xi is the dream girl of many people!" Li Dong had a non-committal face, to the fat man, a woman is a dream girl. Although he had never met Li Xi, Li Dong did not believe that Super Girl would appear any stunning beauty. Before Li Dong could refute, Cheng Nan gritted her teeth and said, "Fatty, is Li Xi your dream girl?" Meng Qiping is not stupid, he quickly shook his head and firmly said, "I have Nan Nan is enough, what Li Xi Wang Xi, which is comparable to our Nan Nan." Li Dong heard the fat man's fleshy words and got goose bumps. He also forgot to continue to ask about Li Xi and asked Bai Su, "Why did you also come to cheer for the fat man?"