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Chapter 92 - Striking the Show

  Heavenly Lake Hotel, the first five-star hotel to open in Pingchuan. Hu Yong booked for Li Xi is the luxury suite of the Sky Lake Hotel, the daily single price of 1888 yuan. When Li Dong arrived, Hu Yong was anxiously spinning his head around at the door of the room. When he saw Li Dong, Hu Yong just wanted to speak, but was interrupted by Li Dong waving his hand. Li Dong did not ask questions and directly began to tap on the door. An impatient female voice came from inside the room, "Manager Hu, I've said it all, Xixi is really sick!" "Open the door!" Li Dong bellowed. The room was quiet for a while, and after a few moments the door finally opened. A woman in her thirties looked at Li Dong in front of her and said with some surprise: "You are?" Hu Yong hurriedly said, "This is our distant Mr. Li." The middle-aged woman smiled slightly haughtily, nodded and said, "So it's Mr. Li who is here, nice to meet you." Li Dong grimaced, and only after a long time did he speak, "I want to see Miss Li!" "Xi Xi is sick, not convenient ……" Li Dong stared at her and said coldly: "Less with me, I'll ask you, whether Li Xi will see or not!" Su Man's face gradually cold down, faintly said: "Mr. Li, Xixi is really sick, inconvenient to see guests." Li Dong laughed in anger and nodded, "Okay, you guys are good enough!" After saying this, he turned to Hu Yong and said, "Tomorrow's commercial performance is cancelled, let them compensate for the loss of Far Far Away according to the contract, if not, go sue them!" After saying this, Li Dong turned around and left, without any intention to continue to dwell on it. Jokes, the day before the commercial performance said sick, and really think he does not know anything! Want to add money, no way! Seeing that Li Dong really wants to leave, Su Man hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, what do you mean by that?" Li Dong turned and swept her a glance, sneering: "What do I mean? I have to ask you what you mean!" "Xixi is really sick ……" Li Dong said with some impatience, "Cut the bullshit! I can naturally see if it's real or not, you let me go in and take a look now, if it's really sick, I can postpone the commercial performance." If he was really sick, Li Dong could ignore it. But if you pretend to be sick and threaten yourself, Li Dong will not be threatened by a small star! Not to mention that a commercial performance is not important at all, even if it will really incur huge losses, Li Dong will not care. The words have come to this point, Su Man refused again would be inappropriate. No choice, Su Man had to move away from the door and let Li Dong into the house. Once inside, Li Dong laughed. Pointing at Li Xi, who was leisurely drinking coffee, he questioned Su Man, "Is this what you mean by sick?" Before Su Man could reply, Li Xi got up and laughed, "Mr. Li, who says that sick people can't drink coffee?" This was the first time Li Dong saw Li Xi, and it was different from the imaginary neutral woman. Seeing that Li Dong did not say anything, Li Xi laughed again, "Besides, I just have some discomfort in my throat, I will be fine naturally in three to five days." "Throat discomfort? That means you can't sing?" Li Dong frowned. Seeing Li Xi nodding, Li Dong turned to Hu Yong and asked, "Does the contract stipulate that you can break the contract if your voice is not comfortable?" Without waiting for Hu Yong to speak, Su Man said angrily, "Mr. Li, this is not about the contract! XiXi is living on her voice, can you bear to let her go on stage with illness, it will ruin her life!" Li Dong felt ridiculous, the breach of contract is the right thing to do, but in the end, it becomes his own unkindness. Tomorrow's commercial performance has been advertised, everything is ready, at this juncture, Li Xi said she could not sing, who will be responsible for the loss of the far side! The more critical thing is that the voice is not comfortable, this disease is born too coincidentally! Voice discomfort Li Xi will drink coffee? She a singer will not know that coffee is a stimulating thing, beat Li Dong will not believe!