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Chapter 93 - Seeking Death

  (The update is late again, I'm sorry brothers and sisters. (I admit my mistake and ask for forgiveness!) What Li Dong is capable of, Li Xi two soon saw. When the waiter entered the door to check the room, Su Man and Li Xi were both a little confused. "Are you saying that the house was returned?" Su Man asked through clenched teeth. The waiter nodded and smiled: "Yes, female this is a room opened in the name of the company by Yuanfang, and naturally there is no need to consult Su Man and the girls on the Yuanfang side to check out. Su Man did not expect Li Dong to disgust them in this regard, immediately angry, this kind of person is too shameless! And did not say eight o'clock in the evening to give a reply? What is the meaning of checking out now! No way, in the end or Su Man went to the hall to pay the deposit, they can continue to live. …… out of the Sky Lake Hotel, Hu Yong cautiously said: "Mr. Li, is this a little too that?" Li Dong glanced at him and did not speak. This is the moment Li Xi they set themselves up, do you want to spend money for them? To be honest, nearly two thousand dollars a night room fee, even Li Dong himself has not been so extravagant. Originally did not want to pay attention to Hu Yong, Li Dong suddenly seemed to think of something, asked: "You and Li Xi know?" "I know her." Hu Yong replied smoothly, then realized what, and hurriedly said, "I also only met after this reception, had not met before." Li Dong hummed, did not say believe it or not, finished this sentence and no more questions. Back to Longhua, Sun Tao also heard the news rushed back. When he saw Li Dong, he asked, "How is it?" Li Dong shook his head and thought about it, "Is it too late to change?" "As long as you are willing to spend money, of course it is possible to change people." After that Sun Tao added: "But it is best not to change, after all, it is not easy to find a temporary in Pingchuan fame than Li Xi." Li Dong narrowed his eyes, and this is where his concern lies. Time is too short, it is easy to find an artist who is more famous than Li Xi, but it is not easy to find one who is more famous than Li Xi in Pingchuan. The commercial performance of this thing, change can be, but to change will change more powerful, find a poor that may as well just do not do. Several people pondered for a while, Li Dong finally said, "Let's do this, Sun, you go to contact, can find more suitable than Li Xi the best, really can not find tomorrow's commercial performance will be canceled." Although the cancellation of the commercial performance is somewhat damaging to Far Far Away's reputation, but as long as you do a few more concessions, people will naturally forget about it after a long time. "Li Xi's side will not fight for it?" Sun Tao asked. Li Dong rubbed his temples, lightly hummed: "I gave her the opportunity, if she does not come, then we will ride a donkey to see the song and see!" For a while Li Dong is unable to take Li Xi, but as long as he is given time, want to clean up a Li Xi is not easy. If not this time is too urgent, Li Dong before even ask will not ask, a small star really pinched on. …… 3:00 pm. Hu Yong entered Li Dong's office with a tangled face. Li Dong is on the phone, see the situation and said a few words then hung up the phone, asked: "something?" Hu Yong nodded his head and stammered, "Su Man called me." "What did you say? Sure you won't come?" Li Dong said very easily, he also thought about it, there is no need to be angry about a Li Xi. Not to come is good, and save him a large expense. Hu Yong first shook his head, then apprehensively said: "She said Li Xi can participate with illness, but ……" "Say, how much do you want to add?" Li Dong had expected, after all is said and done is not about money, he would like to see how much they have the appetite. "Su Man mentioned two requests." Hu Yong glanced at Li Dong's face and saw that Li Dong was not angry, then said, "First, this time the appearance fee should be increased by 50,000." Li Dong let out a laugh, before and after adding up to 150,000.