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Chapter 94 - The earth boss is not to be messed wi

  In the evening, Li Dong received an unexpected phone call. The first thing that happened was that Fang Qingfei wanted to invite him to dinner. Li Dong pondered for a moment, thinking about the several phone calls he made in the afternoon, probably some understanding of her purpose. Back to a simple wash, Li Dong changed into a set of formal clothes, when going out, by the way borrowed Sun Tao's Audi. Fishermen's Hall. A restaurant full of small tones, but also a place where Fang Qingfei invited guests. Li Dong parked his car, straightened his collar and stepped into the restaurant. The waiter greeted him and said softly, "Sir, do you have a reservation?" Li Dong swept around the hall, pointed to Fang Qingfei not far away and nodded, "My companion has arrived." After saying that, regardless of whether the waiter followed him or not, Li Dong walked straight towards Fang Qingfei. And Li Dong expected a little different, only Fang Qingfei came alone. Li Dong's eyebrows raised slightly, and then the corners of his mouth showed a sneer, to the point of death and still pretend, there are really a lot of stupid people these days. Fang Qingfei was drinking coffee with a spoon, saw Li Dong, nodded and smiled: "Sit down." Li Dong sat down opposite her, playing with the taste: "I see that Ms. Fang is living a very prosperous life, not like the salary of 1800." Fang Qingfei gave him a white look and did not speak, continued to drink his own coffee. Li Dong saw the situation and did not think, beckoned to the waiter next to him. "Sir, what do you need?" Li Dong swept the table, did not see the menu, casually said: "Feel free to serve a few dishes that can be eaten, and then a bottle of beer." The waiter was a little stuck. Fang Qingfei could not calmly drink coffee, and looked up and said, "Is this a place to drink beer?" Li Dong laughed and said with disinterest, "It can't be helped, the turks haven't seen the world and don't know what to drink besides beer." Fang Qingfei hummed, turned to the waiter and said, "Give him a bottle of Golden Manor, I want a colorful vegetable salad, the rest you can see." The waiter breathed a sigh of relief and nodded his head and hurriedly walked away. Li Dong skimmed his mouth, incestuous, and really thought it was some kind of high-end place. This kind of shitty place can also cheat Fang Qingfei such literary youth, who will really enjoy life will come here. Fang Qingfei did not know Li Dong's whining, looked at Li Dong and asked, "Why are you wearing a suit?" Li Dong felt a bit stuffy and unbuttoned a button to get some air before he smiled and said, "Originally, I thought that with such an awesome name, the Fisherman's Hall must be a high-end Western restaurant. Who knows, this is a piece of shit, not even a bottle of beer." Fang Qingfei's face darkened, lowered her voice and gritted her teeth: "What's wrong with this place! Does a high-end Western restaurant have beer?" Li Dong glanced at her and said indifferently, "It seems that Ms. Fang still needs to make a few more trips to a real Western restaurant, who says that Western restaurants can't have beer?" Lazy to continue discussing with Fang Qingfei whether there is beer in western restaurants, Li Dong suspected that Fang Qingfei had watched too many soap operas. Do you have to drink wine when you enter a western restaurant? Li Dong did not want to talk about such a childish issue, straight to the point: "What is the relationship between Li Xi and you?" Fang Qingfei also forgot about the beer, sniffed and thought before saying, "Counting should be a cousin, my cousin's daughter." There is a saying in the countryside that a table is 3,000 miles, and it is also a cousin's daughter, so the relationship is even more distant, no wonder Fang Qingfei had to consider half a day. Li Dong also does not care what relationship Li Xi and Fang Qingfei in the end, wait for her to finish then asked: "Then what do you want me? The commercial performance plus money or invited back as an ancestor to offer up?" Fang Qingfei frowned slightly, Li Dong's words did not sound like good words. However, she did not want to bother with Li Dong, and explained, "The price increase is Su Man's fault, Li Xi did not know about it before, and then she knew about it and had to acquiesce." "Don't explain to me, I don't need to explain either." Li Dong snickered, indifferent: "The big deal is not to invite her, the world is lacking in everything, not lacking in people. Without Butcher Li do we have to eat the pig with hair?" Fang Qingfei had a black face, what kind of analogy is this?