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Chapter 95: It's not painful until it's done

  The next day, the commercial performance of the distant supermarket continued. But the guest was changed, at first listen to the host said that the guest is not Li Xi, come to see the people are still some dissatisfaction. But when everyone saw the guest of honor, everyone put aside the idea of why Li Xi did not come. "Yang Si!" "Yang Si is here!" "Yang Si, I love you!" "……" The atmosphere was one wave after another, and the people who came to see it were going crazy with excitement. Who is Yang Si, that is the real first-line big shot in the entertainment industry! Of course, it does not matter, after all, the first-line stars to count down also countless, the key is the same as Li Xi, Yang Si is also a native of Pingchuan, years ago also opened a concert in Pingchuan. If Li Xi is slightly famous in Pingchuan, then Yang Si is a household name, after all, Yang Si has been debuting for almost ten years. No one could have imagined that Yang Si would appear at a commercial show in a small supermarket, which was simply too surprising. After the excitement everyone was calling, calling friends and relatives to come and see the great singer, which is more rare than a concert. The concert is too far away from Yang Si, and also tickets, but now it is a face-to-face look at the star, even the ticket money is saved. …… Yang Si on the stage, first greeted everyone a few words, the atmosphere on the field was instantly driven up. Then Yang Si began to sing one of the most popular network songs nowadays, "Mouse loves rice". Although in Li Dong's ears, this song is simply too rubbish, but in 04 to 05 years, this song was popular in the north and south of the country. As soon as Yang Si started singing, almost everyone on stage hummed along with it. The entire Longhua Square was filled with the familiar tune. "I love you, love you, like a mouse loves rice ……" Li Dong in the corner with a smile on his lips, followed by humming: "I love you, love you …… ""Li Dong!" Fang Qingfei interrupted with strong fire: "Are you showing off with me?" Li Dong glanced at her and said indifferently, "Do I need to show off with you?" "Do you know! Just because the guy named Li stood me up, I spent three hundred thousand dollars to hire Yang Si!" Li Dong coldly snorted, "Three hundred thousand I can buy a house in Pingchuan, do you help me pay for this money?" Fang Qingfei opened her mouth, but finally did not say. Just kidding, with her current salary, it would take at least ten years to earn 300,000 without eating or drinking. Light breath, Fang Qingfei tone slowed down and said: "Li Dong, commercial performance you also succeeded, although spend more money, but the effect is better. The Jiangda side can no longer be delayed, tomorrow is the final round, the judges will be there, give Li Xi a way out." Li Dong snickered, this time anxious? Give Li Xi a way out? The first time Li Xi dismissed the performance did not want to give him a way out. Of course, even if Li Xi's performance can not hurt Li Dong a cold hair, but the heart is not happy for sure. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. "I want you, thinking of you, no matter how bitter ……" Fang Qingfei simply can not stand it, once again interrupted: "You open conditions!" "No conditions, I have talked to Yang Si, Yang Si as a judge, the students will not mind." Li Dong laughed and laughed cheaply. While talking on stage, Yang Si had finished singing the song. A moment of rest in the middle, the host said loudly: "Today there is a small activity in the far supermarket, shopping over 1888 yuan can get a poster signed by Miss Yang Si, shopping over 8888 yuan, you can take a photo with Miss Yang Si, what are you waiting for!"