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Chapter 96 Drink or not

  <> Genius One Second Remember『→Net. , to provide you with wonderful fiction reading. Tianhu Hotel. When Yang Si and Li Dong entered the door together, Li Xi and Su Man blushed miserably. If it is alone to Li Dong to make amends is just, big deal later as no such thing, and will not have too much impact on Li Xi. But since Yang Si came, the concept is completely different. Yang Si is a senior in the circle, early debut, high status, Li Xi and her compared to the same day can not be said. In front of Yang Si apologize to Li Dong, this is really throwing the face underground for Li Dong to step on. And stepping over it must also say yes, or not only do not give face to Li Dong, even Yang Si's face also to refute. Li Xi dare to offend Yang Si? Undoubtedly, certainly not dare! The strict hierarchy of the entertainment industry is comparable to the officialdom, Li Xi a new debutante, if she dares to offend Yang Si, to ensure that she will not be able to mix in the show business in a minute. Li Xi took a deep breath and bowed, "Mr. Li, Sister Si." Li Dong did not say anything, Yang Si gently nodded and said lightly, "Earlier, Mr. Li asked me to come and join the fun, I did not disturb you guys by coming uninvited, right?" Li Xi and Su Man had a bitter face, what could they say at this juncture. Fang Qingfei, who was acting as a middleman, frowned at the situation and said in a voice: "Li Dong, Miss Yang, you guys sit down." Li Dong did not move when he heard the words, and Yang Si also treated himself as a transparent person, standing beside Li Dong without moving a step. Fang Qingfei three people changed their faces at the same time, what does this mean? Li Xi sight to Fang Qingfei, revealing a touch of doubt and trepidation. Fang Qingfei gritted her teeth and spoke out: "Li Dong, you said yourself ……" Li Dong waved his hand and interrupted her words, humming lightly: "Of course my words count." "But the false-headed thing we do not need to come, since it is said to be a reparation wine, of course, to drink!" Li Dong pointed to the four bottles of white wine on the table and said, "Two bottles for one person, drink up, this matter is over!" Li Xi and Su Man face swish white! Two bottles of white wine, if you drink it, it's not good enough to get killed. The two people are not unable to drink, whether they are artists or agents, outside social time, who do not have some alcohol. But two women, usually half a catty eight or two is also to the top, two bottles at a time, this is to their lives ah! Fang Qingfei also froze when she heard the words, looked at Li Dong for a long time before she said in anger: "Li Dong, do you want to kill someone!" Li Dong swept a glance at her, frowned slightly and said, "Fang Qingfei, it's not your turn to say anything here!" After saying that, he looked at Li Xi and Su Man and said, "Are you going to drink or not?" Li Xi and Su Man's faces stiffened, and both of them did not say anything. Li Dong laughed at the situation and said no more, turning to Yang Si and said, "Miss Yang, let's go." Yang Si nodded, she came here today to be a witness, since there is no lively to see, naturally to go. Just as she was about to take a step, she heard Li Xi say loudly, "Wait!" Li Dong turned around and swept her a glance, only to see Li Xi biting her lips fiercely, said with one word: "I - drink!" She could not let Li Dong out of this door, Li Dong left, this beam will be completely closed. Not only the singing competition tomorrow, even Yang Si offended. If she has no intention of mixing in the acting world again, that's all, as long as she still has this intention, this wine must be drunk. "Li Xi!" Fang Qingfei saw the situation and hurriedly stopped Li Xi who took the wine and glared at Li Dong angrily: "Do you have to do this? Li Xi has already admitted her mistake, killing is just a head point, to a woman, you force so hard is not too much?" Seeing Li Dong's indifference, Fang Qingfei was extremely annoyed and said, "Which man is as careful as you are! What exactly did Li Xi do wrong? Even if she breached the contract, it's just a matter of paying for it, and I'll pay for it for her!" Li Dong smiled and slowly said, "You're right, it's just a breach of contract. In that case, there is no need for the wine, just pay for it." Fang Qingfei sighed with relief and was just about to say something when she saw Li Xi shaking her head at her. Li Xi clenched her teeth and said, "Cousin, this has nothing to do with you, I'll drink this wine!" When Fang Qingfei wanted to say more, she heard Li Dong slyly say, "When the contract was set, the compensation was three times the price of the commercial performance, dear teacher, are you sure you want to help her pay it back?" Fang Qingfei's face stiffened. Three times the compensation! Li Xi's appearance price she already knew, one hundred thousand, three times is three hundred thousand. Three hundred thousand, for Yang Si is just a matter of singing a few songs, while she has to teach for ten years to do so. Fang Qingfei also looked at Li Xi, Li Xi has participated in many commercial performances in the past six months, should have this money. But I saw Li Xi gently shook her head, cousin is still too naive. Li Xi can mix in the thousands of horses, really have shown so stupid? Jokes, if she was really that stupid, she would not have accumulated so much fame in Pingchuan in just half a year.