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Chapter 97: There are so many things

  The next day. When Li Dong arrived at Longhua in the morning, Sun Tao greeted him with great enthusiasm. Without waiting for Li Dong to open his mouth, Sun Tao said happily, "Mr. Li, the performance came out yesterday." Li Dong did not rush to ask questions, calmly walked into the office and sat down before asking, "How much is the performance?" "3.28 million!" The joy on Sun Tao's face became more intense. Li Dong calculated, the usual performance of Longhua store is about 1.5 million, yesterday was Sunday, the performance increased, about 1.8 million. Now the performance nearly doubled, it can be seen that yesterday's results are huge. 1.5 million increase, even if the profit is low to ten percent, yesterday than the usual earn 150,000. Li Dong nodded, a smile finally appeared on his face: "Not bad, Yang Si's influence is really not blown out." Although the commercial performance spent nearly 350,000, counting a loss of 200,000. The most important thing for the supermarket is still popularity and new customers. Yesterday, because of Yang Si's autograph and group photo, Longhua store more than a third of the new customers. And this one-third of the flow of people, even if you can leave a small half of the conversion for the distant fixed customers, from the long-term gains, the deal is certainly not a loss. Short-term benefits are important, but business wants to do a long time, the important thing is the long-term benefits. Li Dong pondered for a while, then said: "While the influence of Yang Si has not yet faded, let's strike while the iron is hot and try to keep this new batch of customers." Sun Tao hastily nodded, if this batch of customers could be converted into regular customers, Yuanfang could gain at least 200,000 more each month. Li Dong flipped through the desk calendar and pondered for a moment before saying, "Tomorrow happens to be the Qingming Festival, let's organize a promotional activity." Sun Tao wanted to say something but stopped. Li Dong inquired, "What? You feel Qingming is not appropriate?" Sun Tao thought about it, but finally nodded his head. Li Dong laughed and said, "Qingming is also a time for trekking, some old ideas are not appropriate now." In the future, there are many merchants who are engaged in the promotion of Qingming Festival, and no one has been seen to feel inappropriate. Pingchuan now is not open, the Qingming Festival to engage in activities of not many businesses. But Li Dong is not afraid, some things we are used to, even if the activity is not successful, there is no loss for Li Dong. Seeing Li Dong said so, Sun Tao nodded. The two then talked about the promotion for a while, and after that Sun Tao asked, "Mr. Li, Manager Qi and Store Manager Guo have already started handing over their work, do you have a decision on the store manager candidates for Nanping and Hechuan?" Li Dong thought for a while and deliberated, "In addition to Nanping and Hechuan, there are still six store managers missing in Fucheng, so a total of eight store managers missing." Sun Tao nodded, not only the store manager, but also the staffing gap of Yuanfang is very large now. Do not look at Li Dong set up the head office, in fact, is now a shell, in addition to the finance and marketing department, almost all other work is Sun Tao in a shoulder. Sun Tao actually also some can not hold up, when the Fucheng side branch opened up, more than a dozen branches have to rely on him alone in contact. Plus also have to deal with this side of Longhua, he now almost every day to eat and live in the supermarket. Thinking of this Sun Tao then mentioned: "Li total, in addition to the store manager, the procurement department, the operations department, the administrative department, the human resources department which several department directors are also out of ……" said half of Sun Tao bitter smile: "do not say I still do not feel, so Once I said it, I know I did the work of ten people alone, Mr. Li, you will not give me a wage increase?" Li Dong smiled and joked: "Why, last year's two million is not enough to spend? If you do well this year, you will be a millionaire." Sun Tao knew that Li Dong was teasing himself, but this millionaire was indeed very attractive. What Li Dong said is not exaggerated, if this year thirty branches can open up, he Sun Tao shake a change is not really possible to become a millionaire. Two people joked a few words, Li Dong touched his chin and said: "Sun, you really ready to quit?" Sun Tao face helpless, crying and laughing: "Li, I'm not giving up, is really can not hold up. Before the company is small, but now I am in charge of so many departments, the whole person is being driven crazy."