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Chapter 98: Mistaking Bones for Sticks

  To the classroom, meet Li Tie asked: "Dongzi, tomorrow our class to the botanical garden barbecue, do you go?" Li Dong mouth corner twitch, others burn paper, you barbecue, really can! I don't even want to shake my head and said, "Something, next time." The side of Xu Chen some dissatisfaction said: "Do not always use this excuse okay, every time is something." Li Dong's eyebrows raised slightly, it feels a bit wrong ah? He didn't wait for him to answer, Meng Qiping rounded up and said, "Brother Dong is really something, if you don't go, then don't go, next time we have the opportunity to go together." Xu Chen snorted, did not say anything, directly lying on the table and began to sleep. The atmosphere is a bit stagnant, Li Dong frowned and did not speak, and sat down next to Zhang Hao. Waiting for the teacher to enter the classroom, Zhang Hao came together in Li Dong's ear and whispered, "I do not know who spread the word that Huang Shanshan likes you, Chenzi heart some unhappy." Li Dong did not answer, his face also has little expression, as if not heard in general. …… morning class soon passed. At the end of class Li Dong packed up his books to go back, Bai Su came over and said, "Li Dong, I have something to say to you." Li Dong almost cursed, every time Bai Su "something to say to you", almost always nothing good. Intentionally ignore, see Bai Su straight looking at himself, Li Dong suddenly helplessly said: "Say!" Bai Su glanced at the surrounding crowd, said: "Walk and talk." After these words, Li Dong felt a piercing gaze coming from the side. Li Dong did not look up know who, the heart more and more unhappy, but this time not against Bai Su, but Li Tie and Xu Chen these two guys. Damn your own pickup girls do not give, what the hell are you going to blame on other people's heads, interesting! If you have the ability to pick up people to get, no ability to change the target to continue, the whole day to complain about a fart! Don't say that Li Dong and Bai Su Huang Shanshan have nothing to do, even if there is really a relationship, it is not the turn of these two guys to be angry with him. Lazy and angry with them, Li Dong followed Bai Su out of the classroom. When he got downstairs, Bai Su asked, "The favor I asked you to do last time, did you forget?" Li Dong was a bit confused and subconsciously said, "What?" Bai Su showed an expression of really so, humming: "Li Xi!" Li Dong suddenly understood, then he coughed dryly, "I didn't forget, but there was some mistake in the middle, and you know that Li Xi didn't go to a distant commercial performance." Bai Su nodded, and then some regret: "If I had known that the far side invited Yang Si, I would have gone too, you guys know that I did not inform me in advance." Li Dong laughed dryly, the hell knows you are Yang Si fan. Besides, even if you know Li Dong will not notify Bai Su, this is not their own trouble for themselves. Around this topic, Li Dong said: "If Huang Shanshan really want to see Li Xi, in fact, it is also simple." "You have a way? I heard that Li Xi now food and housing are not arranged by the school, is her own arrangements, the student body does not know where she lives." Bai Su some curious said. Li Dong bristled, far away from the money, of course, Li Xi to arrange their own food and accommodation. Not to dwell on this, Li Dong nodded and said, "To see Li Xi, you go to Ms. Fang on the line, as long as she agreed, not to mention meeting, is to let you share a bed." Bai Su rolled her eyes, and did not dwell on the flirtation in Li Dong's words, wondering, "Teacher Fang does not seem to be responsible for this, right?" "Ask so much why, let you go, old Fang and Li Xi relationship is close." Li Dong some impatient said. Bai Su really stopped asking questions and changed the subject: "Are you going to the barbecue tomorrow?"