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Chapter 99: Busy days

  Recommended Reading: In April, the whole Yuanfang was busy. Sun Tao was busy visiting the market in Copper Mountain, and Qi Yunna was busy taking over Fucheng. Qin Hai, on the other hand, was busy making reports, and three days later there were reports handed to Li Dong, one word - money! Buy a car, buy a car, just know buy a car! Li Dong secretly do not know how many times spit, the old man is not want to buy a car want to go crazy. Obviously have refused so many times, still refuses to die, the far side now where to get the money to buy him a car. Not to mention the lack of money, rich Li Dong will not buy him a car. I've had people explain to him several times, how is still stubborn, Li Dong hate it. Throwing Qin Hai's report away again, Li Dong said to Liu Qi, the new assistant to the president: "Next time if Manager Qin reports to buy a car again, don't show me." Liu Qi hastily nodded and asked, "Manager Qin called to say he wants to see you for an interview, Mr. Li, see him?" Li Dong rubbed his head, see what see, really want to see the face, the old man may not cut him to death. Waving his hand, skipped this topic, Li Dong asked, "How is the job fair contact?" Liu Qi hurriedly flipped through the notebook, and then said, "Three universities have been contacted, and a job fair will be held jointly at Jiangda University at the end of April." Li Dong nodded, leaned back in his seat and took a breath and said lazily, "When did Sun say he would be back? I'm going to go crazy if I don't come back." Seeing the boss with a lazy look, Liu Qi stifled a laugh and said, "Mr. Sun said it would be at least half a month." "Half a month ……," Li Dong muttered, no Sun Tao in the day really painful ah. He now finally understand why Sun Tao must be ready to recruit people, not to say how tired, the key is too much trivial, too annoying. No wonder Sun Tao are more than thirty people still playing bachelor, are busy. Li Dong a small condemnation of their own, is their own exploitation when the boss, causing the old Sun more than thirty also rely on themselves to solve the physiological problems, quite poor. After condemning himself, Li Dong said: "Call Mr. Sun, say the rest of the work to others to do, he is a general manager does not stay in the lair, go out all day to run around what is going on." Liu Qi wanted to laugh, hard to hold back, seriously wrote down, and then asked, "Then I contact Mr. Sun now?" Li Dong nodded his head. Liu Qi saw the situation and went out to make a phone call, thinking in his heart whether he should reveal the real purpose of Mr. Li with Mr. Sun later. After sitting in the chair for a while, the phone on the table rang. Li Dong scanned the number and said, "Damn fatty, what do you want to show off with me again?" These days, Li Dong is very busy, but this bastard Meng Qiping is still showing off with him all day long. What today with our Nan Nan shopping, tomorrow and ready to go hiking, the day after tomorrow and ready to go to the playground …… Li Dong has long held a breath, if not these days there is no time to clean him up, must help the fat to lose weight to do. Meng Qiping did not have the usual cheeky, voice a little lost: "Brother Dong, I was eliminated." "Really! The old heavens have opened their eyes!" Li Dong let out a laugh, feeling his tired spirit lifted up a lot. This guy Meng Qiping had actually made it to the singing competition's final round, which would have made Li Dong's jaw drop. If the rematch is not eliminated, then Li Dong will have to wonder if this guy bribed the judges. But I think this guy also has no money to bribe, on Li Xi that appetite can not be small, a few thousand dollars still do not see eye. Hearing Meng Qiping also pretend to lose, Li Dong again hit: "Eliminate your game to be fair, if you do not eliminate, I will report you to the hospital bribery!" "I go! Brother Dong, are you still human? I am so sad, and you still hit me!"