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Chapter 100 Finals

  The next night. Because of a temporary matter on the far side, Li Dong arrived at the auditorium a little late. Originally thought that the auditorium can accommodate five or six thousand people, just find a place to sit. Who knew that when Li Dong arrived, the auditorium was full! Li Dong was a bit stunned, the entire College of Economics and Management did not come so many people, right? He asked the student council members who were maintaining order, "Didn't you say that only people from economic management were allowed to enter? How come the other colleges are here?" The boy who was asked gave Li Dong a look and said, "Who knows, there are so many people, do we really have to register one by one, just come and sit down, who cares if they are from the management." See his tone is not good, Li Dong is also a face is not happy. What attitude, the student council is great ah! Lazy and his general calculation, Li Dong asked again: "04 international trade class where is the position?" "I do not know, there are empty seats to sit, find it yourself." "Holy shit!" Li Dong cursed, and did not wait for the other party to react, and then squeezed into the crowd and disappeared. The scolded boy's sight swept a circle, the gray light of the auditorium can no longer find the shadow of Li Dong, had to sarcastically give up the idea of finding Li Dong trouble. …… Li Dong squeezed in the crowd for half a day, not to mention the seat, even a place to stand there is a queue of people, then a burst of speechless. A good half-day work, Li Dong found an acquaintance. Fang Qingfei was also helping to maintain order on the field, so Li Dong hastily squeezed over and asked, "Old Fang, are there any empty seats?" Hearing Li Dong's words, Fang Qingfei's face was full of black lines, your whole family is old Fang! Not wanting to pay attention to Li Dong, Fang Qingfei pretended not to hear, and continued to shout: "The students in the front row quiet down, the game is about to start!" "Hey, old Fang, did you hear me?" Li Dong repeated again. Fang Qingfei finally couldn't pretend anymore and turned around and said in a low voice: "Li Dong, do you know what it means to respect your teacher?" Li Dong skimmed his mouth and said, "It's just a name, you can also call me Old Li, I don't have a problem with it." Fang Qingfei was defeated by his thick skin, helplessly said: "Where there are empty seats, find your own place to stand!" "Hey, I am at least a dignified person, you let me stand and watch?" Fang Qingfei gave him a white glance and said, "Who is present here is not a person with a head and a face, no head and no face is a strange person!" Li Dong was choked for a moment, with a head and a face is this explanation? Fang Qingfei saw the situation and felt out of breath, then laughed: "Want to sit and watch, wait here first, and then arrange you later." People under the roof, Li Dong still want to see how the effect tonight, had to obediently stand aside and wait. Almost three or four minutes passed before Fang Qingfei came over and said, "Follow me!" Li Dong also did not ask her where to take himself, but ten ** is the background, already know that these teachers will certainly open a small stove. …… However, when walking out of the auditorium, Li Dong felt something was wrong. "Old Fang, where are you taking me?" "Don't you want to sit? I'll take you to find a place to sit." Li Dong's face was darkened and he gritted his teeth, "I am going to watch the show, are you asking you to take me to find a place to sit?" Fang Qingfei saw that the trick was almost done, and if he teased Li Dong, he was afraid he would get mad, so he laughed and said, "Just follow me, and I promise not to delay you from watching the show." Li Dong forced down his doubts and continued to follow Fang Qingfei forward. Then halfway around another corner, the night is a little road blind Li Dong was confused. He walked for about seven or eight minutes before Fang Qingfei pushed open an iron door.