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Chapter 102 - Li Dong's brother is called Li Xi

  May 1st. At eleven in the morning, the plane landed at the capital airport. When Li Dong came out of the terminal, he couldn't help but look at the sky. In his previous life, he had come to the capital, but that was a few years later, and when he was in college in '05, he had not yet left Jiangbei Province. At that time, when he came to the capital, it happened to be the worst time of the haze, so the impression of the capital to Li Dong was not particularly good. In addition, Li Dong is a southerner, the climate of the capital city he is also a bit unaccustomed to, always feel particularly dry nose. Subconsciously rubbed his nose, Li Dong took out the phone and called Qin Yuhan. The phone soon got through, and Qin Yuhan's first words were, "Li Dong, don't tell me you came to the capital!" The corners of Li Dong's mouth began to twitch, and he didn't squeak for a long time. "You're not really here, are you!" Qin Yuhan was surprised to see Li Dong did not say anything, and was a bit unsure of the reason. Li Dong rubbed his nose hard and sneezed before he finally said in an urn voice: "Qin Yuhan, do you know that smart women are unpleasant to the eye!" Qin Yuhan ignored him and said in a somewhat urgent tone, "Have you come to the capital? Where are you now?" Li Dong couldn't help himself and said with a depressed face, "I'm here in the capital, are you at school or where are you?" "I'm at school now, let me go pick you up!" Qin Yuhan hurriedly said. Li Dong grunted and said discontentedly, "You look down on me? Don't I know the way?" Qin Yuhan froze for a moment, then said with amusement, "Fault, then take a taxi yourself and come over, I'll wait for you at the school gate." Li Dong proudly hung up the phone, beckoned a cab to stop and headed for Beijing University. In the past, Li Dong always heard that the brother of the capital city knows astronomy, geography, and national affairs, and can be particularly eloquent. When Li Dong got in the car, there were some expectations, but who knows until he got off, the brother also said two words. The first sentence is when you get in the car, the other party asked: "Where to?" Then it was time to get off and say the price, "80 yuan!" Li Dong was depressed to death, was he not well received, discriminated against? Wanted to find the brother of a good theory, but feel too childish, Li Dong had to give up the idea. When he got off the bus, Li Dong hadn't even stood still when a girl beside him said, "Yu Han, is that him?" "Not good-looking well, do not see where like a white boy ah." "But do not say, feel the muscle is quite strong, fierce man ah." After saying this, Li Dong felt his old waist was poked by someone. Li Dong's face is black like a bag, sweeping a few girls like looking at aliens, forced to smile: "I am Li Dong!" "I know you are Li Dong, is your brother's name Li Xi?" A very kawaii-looking girl blinked her big eyes and said cute. The corrupt girl who just poked Li Dong waist picked up: "He does not have a brother, no, he should have a brother ……" Li Dong is about to spurt blood, this is the students of Beijing University? This is simply corrupt can not be corrupted, the Beijing University actually out of this strange. What worries Li Dong is that Qin Yu Han is in a dormitory with them, which is too dangerous! The good thing is that when a few guys continue to harass Li Dong, Qin Yu Han pushed a few people away and said, "Go away, do not want to face!" The rotten girl laughed cheekily: "Why do you need a face, the face can not eat. But Yu Han, your man really should be very fierce." Li Dong completely speechless, crying and laughing: "Have not asked a few senior names?"