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Chapter 103 - Calculation

  <> Genius One Second Remember『→Net. , to provide you with wonderful fiction reading. Qi Fangfang mouth powerful, said to slaughter Li Dong a meal. But when Li Dong let her pick the restaurant, people led him directly to the roadside stalls. Li Dong cried and laughed, this is the hemorrhage in her mouth? He is the first time to come to the capital, the first time to give Qin Yuhan long face, eat roadside stalls appropriate? Qi Fangfang seemed to read Li Dong's meaning and said with no good grace, "I'm not happy to save money for you, or you can invite us to go to Qingmu Garden to dazzle!" "Okay, then go to the Greenwood Garden!" Li Dong heard out, this green wood garden should be considered a relatively high-class place, otherwise Qi Fangfang would not have said this. When Li Dong's voice fell, Zhou Yue hurriedly said: "Don't listen to Fangfang's nonsense, this place is actually quite good, the Greenwood Garden is too expensive." Zhang Mengmeng also answered: "Don't go to the Greenwood Garden, Sister Fang Fang jokes." Li Dong swept a few people a glance, feel something wrong, but can not say what is wrong. Without thinking much, Li Dong laughed: "What? Afraid that I can't afford it?" Qi Fangfang skimmed her lips and pulled Qin Yuhan, "Yuhan, there are people who are fattening up their faces, and you don't care." Qin Yuhan covered her mouth and laughed lightly, but did not say anything. Qi Fangfang saw the situation and looked at Li Dong suspiciously and said testily, "You are the second generation?" Li Dong shook his head and laughed flirtatiously, "I am the second generation his father!" Qi Fangfang's face suddenly pulled long and said in a good mood: "Since you have said so, then let's go to the Greenwood Garden!" Said and added: "When you do not have enough money, we do not pay!" Li Dong rolled his eyes, did not pay attention to her. △ net WwW. 】 Qin Yuhan a few people as if watching the show, see the situation also do not speak, let Qi Fangfang and Li Dong fight. In the end, several people still took a taxi together to the Greenwood Park. …… just started to listen to Qi Fangfang said Qingmu Garden, Li Dong really thought it was some top hotel. But really arrived, Li Dong know they misunderstood. Perhaps in the eyes of Qi Fangfang and other students, Qingmu Park is already a luxury hotel. But in Li Dong's opinion, it is just a restaurant with a quiet environment. The actual say, maybe not as good as some three or four star hotel in Pingchuan. Li Dong also did not say anything more, asked for a private room, let a few girls began to order food. Zhang Mengmeng and Zhou Yue refused to order, Qi Fangfang grumpily picked up the menu and swept a glance, and then threw the menu to Li Dong with electric shock. Mouth also chattered: "You calculate point, if you do not have enough money, I do not stay to brush the plate." Li Dong lost his smile, randomly ordered a few girls love to eat dishes, the price is not cheap. Because he is only a boy, Li Dong also did not want white wine, ordered two bottles of red wine. Red wine is naturally the most high-grade hotel, since it is ready to swing, there is no need to care about the two money. When the waiter went out, Qi Fangfang said to Qin Yuhan: "Your boyfriend seems to be stimulated by me, Yuhan, later really want money is not enough, we go first, let him stay to brush the plate to pay off the debt." Saying so, but Qi Fangfang's tone is mostly joking. She could see that Qin Yuhan's boyfriend should really not be short of money. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Qi Fangfang is not surprised, to be honest, the Beijing University senior students who are not all arrogant. If Li Dong really has no merit at all, Qi Fangfang does not believe that Qin Yuhan will look at Li Dong. And also long-distance love, this half year, the Beijing University to pursue Qin Yuhan can be not a few boys, called excellent is not few. The students of Beijing University are proud of themselves as the pride of the sky, who are not full of confidence, but all in Qin Yuhan this faltered.