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Chapter 104 - In broad daylight, don't make a scen

  After dinner, it was already more than two o'clock in the afternoon. When Li Dong went down to the checkout, Qi Fangfang had to follow along. And so out of the corridor, Qi Fangfang suddenly took out seven or eight hundred stuffed into Li Dong's hand. Li Dong's face changed and he stopped to look at her and frowned. Qi Fangfang laughed: "You do not think too much, this is what we have long discussed. Your first time in the capital, we are also embarrassed to rip you off, right? Wait for next time, next time you come we will definitely rip you off and go to Mellow Fragrance Pavilion to eat a big meal." She thought Li Dong was embarrassed, and hurriedly found a step for Li Dong to take. Li Dong gave her a look and was a bit teary-eyed. Qi Fangfang was a little baffled, afraid that Li Dong more, explained: "We did not mean ……" Li Dong shook his head did not say anything, and went straight to the front stage. Qi Fangfang stomped her feet in anger, this guy smiled so ugly, in the end what does it mean! When she came back to her senses, Li Dong was already in the checkout. After thinking about it, Qi Fangfang also chased after him. When she took a look at the bill, Qi Fangfang was shocked and opened her mouth to the receptionist, "How can it be so expensive! You're deliberately cheating people, right?" It's not like they haven't been to Greenwood Garden before, a meal is only a thousand or eight hundred at most. Although not often, but before and after they have come two or three times, the most once four people only ate more than 800. But now how much, 6800 yuan! Qi Fangfang immediately anxious, turned to Li Dong Dong: "Do not check out first, I want to find their manager!" Li Dong hastily pulled her back and smiled at the front desk: "Swipe your card. <>" "No!" Qi Fangfang was about to say more when the receptionist laughed, "Madam, I think you've misunderstood. The two bottles of red wine in your private room alone are worth 5,600 yuan, there is no way the bill could be wrong." "Red wine?" Qi Fangfang hastily picked up the bill and looked at it, and then she was dumbfounded. Even if they come to the Greenwood Garden for dinner, they usually only drink drinks and rarely drink alcohol. Previously, when Li Dong ordered red wine, Qi Fangfang did not care at all. Who knows that the dish is small money, the two bottles of inconspicuous red wine is the big head. When she realized this, Qi Fangfang was regretful and embarrassed. Regret is not pay attention when drinking, 2800 yuan a bottle of red wine when they were a few dollars a bottle of drink to drink. The embarrassment is that they discussed before they pay for their own dinner, but now the bill of 6800 yuan, they have so much money to pay the bill. When Li Dong finished swiping his card, Qi Fangfang blushed and whispered, "We don't have so much money on us, we'll pay you back when we get back together." Li Dong glanced at her, handed her a few hundred dollars, and then said, "A meal, I said my treat. Are you looking down on me by being so calculating?" Qi Fangfang hurriedly shook her head. Just as she was about to speak, Qin Yuhan and the others had already walked over. Seeing Qi Fangfang still holding the money in her hand, Zhou Yue thought that Li Dong refused to take it and opened her mouth and said, "Li Dong, don't misunderstand ……" "Ahem!" Qi Fangfang coughed and interrupted Zhou Yue's words and gave her a wink. <> Zhou Yue immediately understood that there should be no inside information, the rest of the words swallowed into the mouth. The next people did not discuss the matter of meal money, because Li Dong just came to the capital, not yet booked a room, Qin Yuhan will lead Li Dong together to find a hotel. …… wait for Li Dong as soon as he left, Zhou Yue hurriedly asked, "He does not want?"