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Chapter 105 - RISO International Building

  It was almost nine o'clock when I bought my underwear and went back to the hotel. Qin Yuhan accompanied Li Dong to chat for a while, then said, "I'm going back to school." Li Dong had a grumpy face, "You really don't want me anymore?" Qin Yuhan gave him a peck on the cheek and laughed: "Well, this is a reward for you. When we go back to Pingchuan, I will accompany you every day." Li Dong was full of reluctance, but finally saw Qin Yu Han insisted, knowing that she was thin-skinned and afraid of losing face in the roommate, finally had to send Qin Yu Han to school in disgust. The next day, Qin Yuhan came to the hotel very early. Accompanying Li Dong to have breakfast together, the two went hand in hand to the University of Beijing. From the west gate of Peking University into the campus, walking for a few minutes, Li Dong saw the widely known Wei Ming Lake. In spring and summer, the Wei Ming Lake is the most beautiful scenery, strolling around the lake, Li Dong felt that the whole person is a lot of peace. This is not the reason for the beautiful scenery, but the kind of rich humanistic atmosphere of the Beijing University. Centuries of cultural accumulation, the crystallization of Chinese wisdom. Here, it is as if one can leave all worldly worries behind. Li Dong was immersed in it for a long time before he sighed: "Pity!" "Pity about what?" Qin Yuhan said curiously. Li Dong smiled to himself, unfortunately, he is only a mere mortal after all, can not leave behind the heart of fame and fortune. But Li Dong is just a lament, really say to leave behind the heart of fame and fortune, how many people in this world can do? Even those monks in the deep forests have to be divided into a hierarchy of high and low, he Li Dong is only a mortal, can not be exempt. Did not explain to Qin Yuhan, Li Dong and Qin Yuhan next went to see the Boya Tower, the Red Building, Beijing University Library …… noon two people chose to eat the cafeteria, Beijing University's cafeteria is not bad, although it is also a large pot of food, but Li Dong eat up just feel better than Jiangda. I do not know if it is because of psychological factors, or the first time to eat the reason. After eating, the two went to the May 4 playground and watched a varsity ball game. After watching the game, Qin Yuhan saw Li Dong looking out and said casually, "Outside is the famous Zhongguancun, want to go for a stroll?" Seeing Li Dong shake his head, Qin Yuhan also said: "Zhongguancun is actually nothing to stroll, which is as beautiful as the environment of Yuanmingyuan. But if there is a chance, I would like to go to the ideal international building around, see if you can meet the legendary brother of the Beijing University ……" did not wait for Qin Yuhan finished, Li Dong interrupted: "ideal international building?" Li Dong felt that this name should have heard of, or seen somewhere. Anyway, it is very familiar, but for a while Li Dong could not remember. Until Qin Yuhan talked about the legendary brother, Li Dong finally remembered! I go, such a big thing I forgot! Li Dong regrets the intestines are green, just last year when reborn also said to buy stocks, but busy busy to forget. If he remembered correctly, Baidu's current headquarters is in the Ideal International Building. And when did Baidu go public? This Li Dong really remember very clearly, because at that time Baidu in the NASDAQ listing triggered a global sensation, in August this year, the specific number Li Dong some memory. In his previous life, when Li Dong was on summer vacation, he remembered that when he went to the Internet cafe, many people were discussing how many billionaires were created by the listing of Baidu. Unfortunately, it is now only three months from the Baidu listing. Baidu internal must have started the listing process long ago, and it is almost impossible to buy original shares anymore. Everyone is not stupid, although they can not guess how many times the Baidu IPO stock can rise, but certainly let them earn a lot of right. If last year, Li Dong had money on hand, want to buy some original shares to trust people can still do, now almost impossible.