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Chapter 106: Raising Money

  The woman is jealous enough to be really terrible. Li Dong is just staring at the South Gate a few eyes, Qin Yuhan can be associated with Yuan Xue, the brain hole is not the usual big. The good thing is that Qin Yuhan is also just pampered, Li Dong placate a few sentences is finally passed. As soon as Qin Yuhan left, Li Dong called Sun Tao. "Brother Sun, before August, how much money can Yuanfang draw out?" Sun Tao was stunned by the question, then he said, "Mr. Li, do you have an urgent need?" Li Dong didn't answer and asked again, "You tell me first, how much can be raised?" Sun Tao pondered for a moment, calculating for a while before saying, "If you disregard all the consequences, a hundred million can be taken out." One hundred million, when Yuanfang Dongping store opened last August, not to mention one hundred million, at that time, Li Dong was so poor that he could not even get out one million. But now only a year has passed, Sun Tao said he could use a hundred million dollars. Li Dong's face showed joy, this is only a year's time, himself sounded a little unbelievable. But Sun Tao's next words struck Li Dong, "If you really use one hundred million, Yuanfang also collapsed." This one hundred million includes the payment, shopping coupons, store value, unless Li Dong to death, or use all the funds is to seek death. Li Dong's face was full of black lines, and he said in a good mood, "I mean how much money can be mobilized without affecting the operation of Yuanfang?" "Ten million!" Li Dong, who was drinking water, almost choked to death! One hundred million instantly became ten million, a whole ten times difference, are you kidding me! Even if Li Dong did not understand the details, he knew that Far Far Away was definitely more than that much money. When we did the calculations a year ago, Yuanfang still had more than 50 million on its books. The Fucheng side also spent five or six million in the early stage, plus the New Year has passed nearly three months, the six branches of the profit have 15 or 16 million. In addition to the shopping coupons sold during this period, even if it is not as good as the year before, 10 million is always there. The overall calculation is now Yuanfang is not bad money, not to say a hundred million on the books, sixty to seventy million or there. Although the next Fucheng and Tongshan have to spend money, but the profits of several stores to fill in should be enough. This account Li Dong are calculated to understand, Sun Tao naturally more than Li Dong understand. Li Dong frowned, slightly unhappy: "Brother Sun, are you teasing me?" In Li Dong's thoughts, not to say a hundred million so much, thirty to fifty million Yuan Fang can still draw out, how can just ten million. Hearing Li Dong's displeasure, Sun Tao smiled bitterly and said, "Mr. Li, what I said is true." Li Dong did not say anything, he was waiting for Sun Tao to explain. Li Dong looked at this aspect of money very strictly, Sun Tao want to do tampering is not so easy. And a one-time less tens of millions, he also do not believe Sun Tao have the courage. Sure enough, Sun Tao quickly explained: "Mr. Li, the money is spent by yourself." Li Dong's face was full of black lines, when did he spend tens of millions? During this period of time, he only bought a house, not even a car, you black me! "Distribution center!" Sun Tao also knew that Li Dong probably did not remember, reminded a sentence. Li Dong instantly reacted and sighed with relief: "Next time say something straight, scare me!" Distribution center he certainly remembered, before Li Dong mentioned a sentence, this year at least 30 million to prepare for next year's distribution center. But that was before, now there are opportunities to make a lot of money, the distribution center is still in a hurry what. And if you can eat meat in Baidu, not to mention the distribution center can only meet a hundred branches of freight, is to build a distribution center comparable to Su Guo's Maqun is not a problem.