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Chapter 107 - Space is updated

  Recommended reading: After the phone call with Sun Tao, Li Dong did not care to sleep. Wen heart is still thinking about Baidu, want to buy Baidu shares, light money can not. Baidu is listed on the NASDAQ, the purchase channel alone is a problem. o5 years in the big 6 want to buy U.S. stocks, or a little difficult. If Li Dong himself does not want to go abroad, then only through the U.S. securities agents. But let Li Dong will be 50 million such a large amount of money to a foreign company that can not even meet, Li Dong is really a little uneasy. After pondering for a moment, Li Dong thought he should not go to the United States. But when I think of my half-assed English, Li Dong is really afraid that he will not even be able to find the place, not to mention buying stocks. And there is no suitable person around to go with himself, thinking about it is really enough trouble. The channel is actually not the biggest trouble, Li Dong is more afraid that he can not buy at all by then. Remember that Baidu listed shares are not a lot, can you grab a share from those fund companies and asset predators, this Li Dong also does not guarantee. The more you think about it, the more annoyed you are! Li Dong can not help but cursed, it is Li Yanhong caused the trouble! Why does not a good domestic listing, but must run abroad, otherwise they do not need to be so brainy. But then turn around and think, if Li Yanhong really crazy in the domestic listing, Li Dong really do not dare to buy. Who does not know what virtues of the domestic stock market city, if something happens, it is called crying without tears. A long breath of relief, Li Dong put aside these worries for the time being. Anyway, there are still three months, there is always a solution to the matter, the rush is useless. Of course, if the idea of Li Dong, it is best to buy the original shares before the listing of Baidu, even if the price is higher does not matter. Although the original shares have a release time, but Li Dong also do not care to wait a year and a half. It seems that it is better to play the idea of those shareholders and executives of Baidu first, if there is no way, and then go to the United States. After making up his mind, Li Dong was ready to sleep. These things are still waiting for the money to be raised, no money to say anything is empty. Just lying down in bed, Li Dong's phone rang. Li Dong picked up the phone and took a look, then sat up directly. Yuan Xue! Just now Qin Yuhan had just eaten jealousy, and the next day Yuan Xue called himself, these two women are not working together to calculate themselves, right? Now Li Dong has great doubts about his own intelligence, he is really afraid that one day he will be sold by these women and still have to help them count the money, each one is too horrible. Despite the doubts, hesitantly Li Dong still connected the phone. As soon as the phone calls, Li Dong also did not wait for Yuan Xue to speak, asked: "You and Qin Yu Han have contact?" Yuan Xue was choked for a long time before she said quietly, "Li Dong, are you doing this on purpose?" Li Dong let out a dry laugh, it really seems to be a coincidence, besides Qin Yu Han should not contact Yuan Xue. Since it was ruled out that Qin Yuhan was testing himself, Li Dong was in a relaxed mood and asked, "Why did you want to call me?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. "I wanted to call, so I did." This time it was Li Dong's turn to be depressed, this reason is really powerful, want to refute do not know how to refute. Lazy to dwell on these with Yuan Xue, Li Dong said again, "Something?" "Can't I call you if there's nothing?" Yuan Xue's tone was not too good, obviously exasperated by Li Dong. Li Dong speechless, this one how all with a gun pill like.